The chapter starts with the gang sitting on a couch.

Stuart: Ok when i said i wanted a break this was not what i meant!

Bradley: Well it wasn't our fault we spotted a troll feasting on the elderly.

Jordan comes running in with eight sheets of paper.

Jordan: Guys we just got invited to a party!

Stuart: So there's a party in the neighbourhood...I was thinking we should go for a break.

Brooke: When is it?

Jordan: 6:00.

Stuart: Ok lets anything else can go wrong.

A person is shown next to a girl as the person's eyes glow the girl vanishes.

The group of friends knock on the door when someone answers it.

Jordan: Hello we're here for the party.

Boy: Sure come in.

They all enter the house.

Boy: Huh where is she?

Stuart: Where's who?

Boy: My sister...She was supposed to be here with the party food.

Unknown: Help me...Please help me.

Stuart: Do you hear that?

Boy: What is that?

Stuart: I don't knowbut i'm gonna need you to cancel this party...we're gonna search for your sister.

Bradley: Hang on i have to go to the bathroom.

Bradley leaves to go to the bathroom as the boy follows. Bradley is on the urinal doing his buiness when the boy comes in.

Bradley: Hey!

The boy just looks at him.

Bradley: Are you OK...

The boy's eyes glow as Bradley slowly vanishes.

Brooke: OK if Stuart heard that cry for help...Could that be the girl who's missing?

Stuart: Well there is only one way to find out Bradley trace the calls for help and...

Bradley is no where to be found.

Stuart: Where is he?

Lauren: He said he had to go to the bathroom.

They all storm in the bathroom and hear voices.

Stuart: Do you hear that?

Non visible Bradley: Please help me.

Iris: Bradley!

Stuart: They haven't disappeared!

Brooke: I've seen this type of thing happen before. This is the works of a goblin...The victims are invisible.

Boy: Please don't do that.

Iris: What?

The boy shifted to a goblin.

Stuart: You...You feed on the victims fear being alone.

Goblin: If i don't feed i'll starve...I don't want to do this...

Stuart: We could help you.

Goblin: The only way you could help me is if you kill it for me.

Stuart: ...OK.

Goblin: ...Make it painfull so i can feel all the sins i have caused.

Stuart: OK then that's what i'll do then.

Stuart's eyes start to glow red.

Stuart: ...Are you sure?

Goblin: ...Yes.

Stuart's claws are shown as he digs them through the goblin..Killing it while the goblin's body disintergrates.

Stuart: ...It was innocent.

Jordan: It made our friend disappear.

Stuart: It was still innocent!

Stuart said in a angry tone but calms down.

Stuart: That was it's primary food source.

Brooke: We should just forget about it Because school is tomorrow.

Stuart: You're right Brooke...For now on every sunday is movie night starting now.

Bradley: Ugh what happened?

Caleb: Bradley quiet we're discussing something

Iris: So what do you wanna watch.

Lauren: Nightmare on elm street?

Stuart: Watched it.

Tony: Halloween?

Stuart: Watched it...come on something we haven't watched.

The chapter ends with all of them discussing what to watch.

Next time.

Stuart looks shocked.

Stuart: Where am i?

Stuart is in a dark forest.

Brooke is in a room with loads of balloons.

Brooke: What is this place?

Caleb is in a dark cellar.

Dark voice: Ready or not here i come.

Iris is in a place infested with scientists in a lab.

Lauren is in the same resturant where her and tony were dating.

Tony is in an alternate timeline were Stuart died from the house fire.

Jordan is face to face with a chained manticore.

Bradley is in a test chamber.

Stuart: Guys this isn't real...cause i know whats causing this...It's an evil mind parisite making you're worst fears come true.

Mind parisite: You will die from the things you fear the most.