Do you know,

Heaven is where you are

Do you know,

You've the beauty of

An angel?

That you are light

Casting darkness away

Did you know


You've captured my heart

And bound it to your own

Yet the chains are

Silver and gold

Not pitch black.

Rather then stealing it

Did it ask to be

Whisked away?

My heart desired to be

With yours,

Did you

Somehow know?

Whether you knew or not

Fate took its course

But I'm not sad

I'm very glad

To call myself yours.

I hope you're happy too

That's what I want

That's all

Your happiness.

When you need me

I'm here

Confide in me

Allow yourself

To trust me

I wont betray you

I wish to protect you

To help you.

Whenever you allow me

I will.


Do you know,

That I speak true

As I say

I love you?