The Art of Death

Is mistaken by many

For Evil

Don't they see the kindness

In it?

Don't they see

The Art?

Imagine a putrid vessel called

A man, One hated

By all he sees.

Die for your violations

Of the girl you see

Slit, blood pouring

Out your neck.

No, to quick

Where's the Art?

Stab, twenty times

Like Caesar of Rome

"Et tu Brute?

Yes, now fall before

My feet.

Ah, your death was so


Or rather it would be.

Yet, you would


Look so


Your corruption would not


The ones you've


But I could laugh

At the Art.

Because it would be sure

You'd never

I repeat.


Lay your greedy


Eyes on her


Your eyes roll back

Your skin pales

You spoil yourself

Shit and piss

You're nothing now

Just a bloody carcass

I laugh

Will it be fun?

In Hell?

No, it was still

To quick.

No, what if I drag

The knife slowly

Down your chest

And cross your body

Then impale you

Would that be enough

To satisfy me?

No, No!

Nothing will satisfy me

Not even your eternal


No, damn you piece of shit

Fuck you!

I want to torture you endlessly

Then when mentally


And physically

You can't take anymore

Of the torture

I set upon you

Then you will die

The Art shall be merciless.

Tear away your legs

Peel away your face

What's wrong?

Don't like pain?

Should've thought about

That before you decided

To do such evil things.

No, to late.

You're mine now.

What's wrong


Are you


Of the

Art of Death?

I can't blame you

When it's my art

You should be terrified

I won't hold back.

You've claimed to do

Such vile acts

In the name of God.

Well God heard and

Unleashed me

Freed me from the chains

Which I made for myself

Now bow down

Bow before me,

Beg for mercy

But most of all


Before the

Art of Death.