I don't fear Death

And I Don't fear you

Oh how wrong,

I would stand before

Satan himself

To stay between him

And her

So he may not pass.

If I would do that

Do you think yourself

An exception?

No, you're not.

I dream for your passing

Leave her

Let her be

She's had enough

Can't you see?

Why must you continue

The torture?

I can't stand this

Knowing she must go through this.

And I have no power

To prevent it

Then she,


I don't understand


On me?

I'm not the one

Going through this.

I merely want to end it

Voices in my head


My body convulses

It pulses

It wishes to be free

To give no mercy

To unleash such

A fury

That no mere man

Has ever witnessed.

Beaten, Battered

You will fall

Beaten and Battered

You bleed poison

One, two

Your breath fades

Three, four

Beaten and Battered

Your guts spill

On the floor

Five, six

Fear me yet?

Seven, eight

You've sealed

Your own fate.

Nine, ten

Beaten, Battered


"The Gates of Hell,

Are open Night, and Day."


"Death, waits for no one."

Beaten and Battered.

You perish.


Your doom day is soon


I am not sorry

You die,

Beaten and Battered.