by C. S.

Those words...
as I read them, I could hear a soft voice whispering in my ear,
as though the wind is calling to me...
... captivating me, seducing me...

Then suddenly, I find myself entranced,
as those words flow even more eloquently on that parchment,
and the voice,
even more elegantly, as though distilled in air.

Oh, how this voice inspires me...
... drives me to the brink of madness!

And to put a face to this angelic hymn is but blasphemy!

I dare not turn my head for fear of his temptation - the Unspeakable One...

And yet, as I am human,
I am not Perfection Incarnate.

I succumb to his coaxing,
in the hope of seeing you face - with such precious words and spell-binding voice,
it can only come from Beauty herself!

But alas!
I am but a mortal soul, undeserving of your presence.