Chapter Three

"So when do we actually start on the tree house?" Riley twirled the pencil with his fingers like they were drumsticks.

"We can't just start building just like that, Riley." Aurora told him.

"Aurora's right." Ben agreed, not looking up from his papers. "We need a plan, first."

Mavy groaned loudly and plopped herself onto the floor next to Aurora. "But that's gonna take forever."

"Patience, Mavis." Ben told her, mimicking his aunt's French accent.

"But how long is it going to take?" She crossed her legs.

"Well, that depends." Ben started. "If you actually help us and stop whining about it, then we might get something done."

"Hmph." Mavy crossed her arms, not letting her cousin get to her.

"Hey, Mavy," Aurora said. "Are you any good at drawing?"

Mavy beamed. "I'm a natural."

"Great! So you can start on the sketching." Aurora pushed her glasses up and handed Mavy the pad of paper.

~6 years later~

"It's so hot I think I'm starting to melt." Adriana complained.

"Well standing in the sun isn't going to help, you know." Riley told her.

"Yeah, but what else is there to do?"

"Come on, guys, there's plenty to do." Mavy swung past them, seated on an old tyre. "You just have to be a little creative."

Aurora sat on the tree house above them, her legs dangling over the edge. She held a mini fan up to her face, ash blonde hair blowing around her.

Ben held a remote control in his hands, driving an RC car around the grass. "We could take the dirt bikes for a spin."

They all looked at him.

He shrugged. "Just a suggestion."

"No," Riley thought for a moment. "That's not actually a bad idea."

"Do those old things even work anymore?" Mavy flew past, dangling upside-down.

"Why don't we find out?" Adriana suggested.

~6 years ago~

"Didn't Ben send us to get some wood?" Aurora questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, yeah," Riley ran a hand through his black hair.

"So why are we at the beach?" She motioned around.

He rubbed his chin. "Seemed like a good idea at first." He mumbled.

"Are we supposed to chop down a tree or something?"

"Well do you see any trees anywhere?"

"Good point."

They fell silent, the rushing of waves filling the noiselessness.

Aurora's hand went up to shield her face from the blinding sun. "There's a lot of trees over there," She pointed to a spot of land in the distance.

Riley squinted, looking to where Aurora was pointing to. "Well how are we supposed to get there?"

The tiny girl shrugged. "We could ask Jim if we could borrow a boat."

"Why not?" He started across the sand, Aurora sprinting to keep up with his long strides.

They reached the lighthouse, and Riley rapped his knuckles on the door. "Jim?"

No reply.

Aurora stood on her tip toes to look into the window.

"It's dark." She told Riley. "He must be out somewhere."

"Shame." Riley replied. "I was going to ask him if he had any wood to spare."

~6 years later~

Five dirt bikes tore across the beach, the smell of exhaust hung in the air behind them.

The wind tugged at Aurora's hair, successfully cooling her off.

The sun beat down on them as they kicked up hot sand.

They rode the afternoon away.

"Well," Adriana tugged off her helmet. "I haven't had that much fun in ages!"

"We're totally doing this more often." Aurora agreed.

"Boy, I'm spent." Mavy collapsed onto the white sand.

The rest of them followed suit, staring at the sky.

"Now I feel lazy." Ben commented.

"Well they don't call it 'lazy Sunday' for nothing." Adriana ran her hands through his wavy brown hair.

"You can say that again." Riley sat up and brushed sand off his shirt.

An island dotted with trees somewhere out in the ocean caught his eye.

Author's Note: Oh wow it's been forever since I've updated this! I'm really sorry about that, I had numerous other projects to work on and a ton of homework to finish :/