I want you to know, now and always, eternity even,

That although I don t always say what's in my heart,

I appreciate the wonderful Mother that you are to me and my sister.

To the first strongest woman I will ever know.

Thank you. . .

For standing by us through thick and thin

For not giving up on us for when we did'nt win the games to the sports we play

For your patience when we kept pushing you away as we grown

For caring when we said 'I didn't need you anyway'

For being the first person to provide us with love and care

For calming down our fears when we were growning up

For being there for when there's the first time when we witnessed someone close to us die

We are grateful in knowing. . .

That we can count on your strength for when we need you

Ask for your support, and to know that you'll go to any length for us

To when we lose our way that you be there to get us back on track

When in pain, your comfort soothes and brings us back to heath

We know that we are lucky because. . .

When we were sad you gave us the faith and hope in not to be sad any more

When we felt like we couldn't go on, you carry us on for miles on end

You were always willing to put your life on pause for us

We owe you so much we could never repay for what you do for us

You gave us a home to live and showed us love to love.

We always strive to make you proud in our own ways

Mom, Thank you. . . .

For your guidance and you faith you've shown us

For giving the both of us a safe place where we have grown up

For showing us how to strive in this world

For the unconditional love you rain down on us

Because of your love we know that we will survive

You raised us up the best you could do

For the woman we are able to be today

May today and everyday, and every moment of life leave you feeling blessed,

Just as we have since God gave us the best he got for a mother.