I think I'd die just to hold that fire
To feel the wealth of a soul's desire
And know the peace in comfortable silence
Freedom from my mind's ceaseless violence
Skin meets skin as soft as feathers
Nude tones blending bodies together
No hollow aching to pierce my core
Pieces fit and the picture is formed
Scorn pours out as my demon stirs
'To cradle flame, one must touch it first'
An unfair memory, a wayward graze
Etched in thought, bright pulsing for days

I wonder how I would sleep with a lover
I can't even share a bed with another.
A bump of feet and I'm wide awake
Curl in too close and I start to shake

A grim chuckle rolls deep inside my chest
Betraying how he imparts his ridicule best
A perfect manicure picks at slap-shod stitches
Whose hold on patchwork flesh is slipping
So I breathe deep and close my eyes
And see the whole of my paradise
A sneering curse spits words of menace
'How can you cling to an imperfect seraph?'

Lost again inside a daydream with your flame
My Darkest Part now returned to his own cave
I'm soaked through from the sweat of desire
I'd like to die holding onto this fire