This poem

Is dedicated

To you.

To let you know,

I'm finally

Letting you go.

You should know,

I'm not crying

While writing this poem.

I'm not crying.

Not anymore.

I'm smiling.

With gratitude

Towards you

And the way you made me feel.

(Hey! I'm using past tense now.)

I'm smiling.

Because we had something.

Even though

It didn't work out

I'm smiling.

Because now

I know.

I have a friend.

I hope you know.

In me,

You have one too.

You have her now.

I'm so glad you do.

I bet she's beautiful,


Just right for you.

I'd like to hear about her

If you wouldn't mind.

Who knows,


You could use

My seal of approval too?

I bet

Before we know it,


I'll find someone too.

… Never mind.

Probably not.

But here's to you, Sir.

I'm letting you go,

And moving on.