I lay in bed, trying to sleep. My thoughts kept tumbling in my head, making it hard to do so. Today had been horrible, that bully Chester had tormented me again. He only picked on girls like me because he thought we were weak. Sighing, I turned over once more and fell into a troubled sleep.

I opened my eyes seemingly immediately. I expected to wake up inside my room, but to my surprise, I was floating in a white void.

"Hello", said a voice.

Startled, I yelped in surprise.

"No need to be afraid".

"Wh-who are you?" I asked, trembling.

"I am you".

"Where am I? And how are you me?" I asked.

"You are in your mind, and that is how I am you. Very few people can access their mind, but in a one in a million chance you have. Now, you can and will enter every night or whenever you fall asleep."

"This place seems plain."

You haven't created it yet.

"You mean this isn't my mind?" I asked, confused.

"It is your mind, but thought isn't visible. You must translate it yourself."

"How do I do that?" I asked curiously.

"You will learn next time, for now you have to wake up."

The void began to fade, and soon, everything went dark.

Author's Note: Short chapter, but I promise I will try to make them longer. This is more of an intro anyway.