I opened my eyes to my sunny room. Another day. I sighed and stretched as I rose out of my bed. The bully, Chester, would be waiting for me at the bus stop. I walked over to the mirror and looked in. I had long black hair and bright blue eyes. My recent trip to the beach had left me a nice tan. I picked up my white bandanna with multi-colored paint splotches and tied onto my head. Sniffing, I scented bacon. My Dad must be cooking. I headed down the stairs to dining room.

"Good morning honey!" My mother greeted me.

"Mornin' mom", I said.

I sat down at the table as Dad set down some bacon. "Looks good", I commented. "Thank you", Dad replied. I ate my bacon in my usual silence, as I'm not much of a talker. As I was eating I began to dread school and the bully.

After I finished breakfast, I said a hasty goodbye to my parents and rushed out the door to the bus stop. Hopefully, Chester would bully someone else today instead of me.

Of course, that wasn't the case. I began to run towards the bus stop when there was a sudden yank on my hair and I tumbled flat on my back. Up above me the horrible face of Chester looking down on me with a mean smirk on his face. "That hurt!" I exclaimed loudly.

So what, pimpleface? Chester said meanly. I pulled myself up and brushed off my red shirt and blue shorts. Then I fixed my bandanna and then scowled at him.

"I don't have pimples! Now leave me alone!" I yelled loudly in his face.

"In your dreams you stupid cow!" He retaliated.

Angrily I turned around and headed back to the bus stop, but then realized that the bus had already left! Turning around, I decided I had had enough of Chester and I was going to take care of things right now. He hadn't moved from his spot and he still had that damn smirk on his face. I was going to wipe it right off! Racing up to him, I proceeded to punch him in the nose. Surprised, he had no time to retaliate before I kicked him where it really hurts, and he doubled over in pain.

"Finally you get what you deserve!" I yelled furiously. Then I spat on his face and raced off towards school, a little fearful.

I arrived at school out if breath and tired. I was an hour late! I sighed as I walked down to my 6th grade class and hoped Miss Gillian wouldn't give me detention. Opening the door, I walked in hesitantly.

"Do you have an excuse, Athelina?"

Walking over to her desk, I replied

"No ma'am."

"Then I will have to write you a detention slip", she said in a stern manner. She then got out the dreaded pink notebook and was about it write in it when Chester suddenly burst through the door.

"She beat me up!" He exclaimed at the surprised teacher.

There was a chorus if laughter from the other school kids.

"Athelina, is this true?" She asked me.

"No! I...I."

"Don't even bother asking! Look at my face!" Chester yelled.

"Quiet down Chester, and go to your seat while I handle this", Ms. Gillian said to Chester.

"Athelina, I am reporting you to Principle Johnson". Uh oh, Ms. Johnson was the worst. She gave out the worse punishments and was known for being very strict.

I prayed that I would get off easy while I walked down the hall towards the Principle's office.

Author's Note: I Guess I write short chapters, so I apologize for that. Anyway, I usually get lazy so if I don't update it's me and my lazy butt. All criticism is welcome.