I opened the door to the office and walked up to the office lady. "Again Athelina? I thought you were done with causing trouble", she said with a troubled frown.
"Nope, I guess not", I replied unhappily.
"Your going to get it this time", mumbled the office lady. I walked past her and knocked on the principles door, then nervously waited.
"Come in", the principle said in an agitated tone. I gulped and then opened the door as slowly as I could before I would have to deal with my punishment. When I had finally opened the door all the way, I was greeted with the angry and annoyed face of Mrs. Johnson. "Sit down", she said sternly. I quickly took a seat from across principle Johnson's desk.
"Athelina, I thought we discussed this last time. You said you wouldn't make anymore trouble", she said.
I sighed unhappily.
"But Mrs. Johnson! He was picking on me and calling me names! He-"
Mrs. Johnson cut me off.
"No more excuses Athelina! You will have to face your punishment without whining or complaining." Mrs. Johnson rose from her seat and began pacing about, trying to come up with a punishment for me. It was a good five minutes before she spoke again.
"You will have detention for three weeks, and extra homework for one week."
"No buts, now I will also have to inform your parents." I unhappily watched as she dialed my number on her office phone, she knew it by heart now. I had always been pulling jokes and stunts, like the time I put ants in Mr. Grumby's lunch, and when I put salt in Ms. Summers' coffee. Mr. Grumby was so mad, he began ranting and raving and the whole class laughed at me. Ms. Summers is a sweet lady, and I regret pulling a prank on her.
"You may return to class now, but remember to come to detention." I was jolted out of my memories. "Yes ma'am", I said. The only thing worse than Mrs. Johnson was an angry Mrs. Johnson, so it was pointless arguing.
I sighed as I a walked down to my classroom. At least with detention Chester wouldn't be able to bully me on the school bus. Finally I found my home room, entered it, then plunked myself down in my seat with an unhappy frown. The teacher droned on and on about some mumbo jumbo when a paper landed at my feet. When the teacher's back was turned, I quickly picked it up and read it. On it, it said IM GONNA KILL U. With spelling like that, it was obviously Chester's doing. I didn't have to see myself to know I had gone a pale white.

After School...

The school day wasn't much better. I managed to elude Chester, but I knew I couldn't elude my parents for long. Luckily for me, I was walking home, so I took as long as I could getting home. After a long and slow walk, I reached my front door. I slowly opened it and peeked inside. I couldn't see or hear my parents, so I hoped they wouldn't notice me going to my room. After closing the front door, I crept to my room as stealthily as I could. Halfway there I was stopped.

Uh oh, I was done now. I sighed as I headed back to the living room, and I met the angry faces of my parents.
"Sit down", my mother said in an unhappy tone. I obeyed and sat down.
"We've talked about this before, Athelina. We're tired of you losing your temper constantly and hurting people", my dad said. Keeping quiet was my best bet, hopefully they would tire themselves out with their lecture.
"Then my mother spoke up. Athelina, I think you should go talk with that nice psychologist. We should make you an appointment." Now, I did have some issues when I was younger, and I was forced to talk to that damn psychologist. They thought I was crazy! My own parents even think I am crazy!
"No mom! I don't want to talk to the damn psychologist!" I yelled. My mother was taken aback at my sudden outburst.
"Don't get that tone with your mother! And do not use that kind if language!" My father yelled to me.
"That boy was picking on me! That's why I defended myself, I shouted back."
"That doesn't give you a right to hurt someone if they're just calling you names! You should tell an adult. You're already losing your temper, giving us with more of a reason to send you!"
"I don't need to go!" My voice changed to a pleading tone. "Please don't send me, I promise it won't happen again!"
"Honey, we know you don't want to go, but it is for your own good", my mother said soothingly.
I turned to her. "How would you feel if your parents thought you were an insane nutcase and sent you off to a psychologist?"
"We don't think you're insane, you just have some issues you need to work out. Talking to a psychologist will help you."
"NO! It won't!" I yelled furiously. "I won't do it, you don't understand and you don't listen to me! I hate you, all of you!"
My mother's eyes went wide and my father's face turned red.
"Go to your room!" He bellowed with such intensity that my ear drums were ringing.
Without another word I stomped to my room as loudly as I could and slammed the door so hard a picture in my room fell of my wall. I picked it up angrily and saw it was a picture of the whole family. I grabbed a black permanent marker out of my desk drawer and scribbled out my mom and dad's face, leaving the picture seemingly mutilated. The final action that sealed what was to come.

Author's Note: I am so sorry for the super long wait. I will try to go faster, but I am really busy. Finally a chapter with a length I am satisfied with! Please give me criticism for my work so I can improve! I will probably revise all of the chapters when my writing improves.