Personal Playground

I see us running through our personal playground

with dismal smiles for broken paradises,

creating destruction while polishing dirt,

revelling in our ability to free our vices.


Longing for solitude for so long,

but yearning for it together so that,

when it finally comes, we sigh with relief,

the rushing release knocking us flat


at the realisation that it is all ours,

without disruption or interference

from unwanted souls with their petty morals

and failure for strict coherence.


Over time I think I'll find

that I might be the first one to break.

This illusion that I desperately wish for

may leave my ruin in its wake.


Because although I desire suffocating silence,

with the noise of you, of course,

it will only make me sit inside myself

and fill my hopeful want with remorse.


But for a small time, I must admit,

it would overwhelm me with delight

to spend the end of the city with the three of you

as our humanity takes never ending flight.