Near the very center of the Milky Way galaxy, a young alien named Throp mourns for his dying planet. He lay in his bed at home alone wanting badly to help his planet. It was quickly running out of water and natural resources that his people use to stay alive.

He sat wishing for a miracle to save his planet that he thought would never come. He flipped on a TV and watched the news as they continued to display the tragedies being witnessed in the streets as his kin dropped over dead from hunger and thirst.

Throp looked out the window and saw the many dead trees, burned from wildfires that started from lack of water. There hadn't been rain in over eleven months now and he wished for it desperately. There were many dead animal bodies, killed from the burning flames or suffocated by the smoke.

He was just going to turn off his TV to escape the depressing scenes on the screen when he heard, "This just in, the military just discovered a new planet that they think we could get our resources back from!" He sat up and stared at the TV hungry for information. "It will be a long journey there," the woman said, "but they are asking for volunteers to sign up and help on the mission. The forms are being handed out it town today." She laughed; "We c-" Throp turned off the TV, threw on some clothes and ran out the door.

There was a lot of commotion in the center of the town where, he guessed, is where they were handing out the forms to sign up. He made his way through the crowd, grabbed a form and quickly left the chaotic scene. Throp hurriedly filled out the form in his sloppy handwriting and ran to give it to the people passing them out.

He wanted so very badly to help his planet. He wanted to keep it and everyone on it alive. He didn't care how and all they were doing was go to a planet, most likely uninhabited, to get a large supply of water and food.

They told him they would be leaving the next day and that someone would be sent over to pick him up and bring him to the take off site. Throp went home walking sort of funny, almost like a hopping skipping movement he was so excited.

"Finally!" He exclaimed throwing himself down on his bed, "I can be of some use on this dying wasteland!" He curled up under the covers and tried to fall asleep but found it very difficult, what with all the excitement of the day. He tossed and turned trying to get comfortable and eventually sleep came to him.

He was awoken the next morning by loud banging on his door and voices calling his name. He jumped out of bed, tossed on some clothes and ran to the door. He pulled it open quickly and said, "Good morning."

He looked into the face of a very surly old man who said, "Hurry up! We haven't got all day boy!"

He pulled Throp out of his home and slammed the door then shoved him into an armored car and they drove off. Throp couldn't see where they were going because where he sat there were no windows, but he knew they were definitely far away from his hometown. The car didn't stop until after about an hour and then the old man shoved Throp out of the car and into the open where the sunlight blinded him.

He stood for a moment waiting for his eyes to adjust and when they did he saw that he was now out in the middle of nowhere…

There were no trees, no...Anything! It was literally a big desert wasteland. Everything around looked dead and uninviting. Then he saw a large white building that was even more blinding than its surroundings in the sun. As the old man pushed him toward it and they walked he had to stare at the ground squinting. It was also extremely hot and after only taking a couple of steps toward the building Throp began to sweat furiously.

When they got inside the building, which seemed like forever to Throp, he felt the cool air conditioning and immediately relaxed. He wanted to stay there all day where it was cool, but he was once again shoved forward.

He walked down a hall where a young woman, maybe his age, wearing a white dress cut just below the knees with a thin black stripe on the bottom of it greeted them.

"Hello," she said smiling radiantly and Throp couldn't help but smile back, "My name is Ervoy. I'll be escorting you the rest of the way and getting you in your uniform and ready to take off."

He followed her down another hall into a small room where there was a table with a small funny looking gun that had some sort of bubbles on it and a white folded up uniform. She told him to change into the uniform and that she would be back shortly and left.

He quickly changed into the white uniform and examined himself in a mirror to his right. It was a simple white long sleeve shirt with long black pants. Ervoy came back into the room and ushered Throp out saying, "Hurry! Hurry! It's time to get on the ship! You must leave now!" She buckled a thick black belt on him and attached the weird gun to it. "Only for emergencies!" She yelled pointing to it as they came into a large crowded room.

People were yelling goodbyes as others in the same white uniform, men and women, got into a large oval shaped ship. Throp ran up and met the same surly old man at the entrance of the ship. Apparently he was the one leading the voyage. Throp ran past him onto the ship and after the old man entered as well the doors slammed shut and there was a loud hissing noise. After this hissing stopped the old man began to hand out slips of paper that appeared to have their room numbers on them.

Throp took his and read the number 498 and walked along the halls for about twenty minutes until he found room 498. There was already someone else in there and he realized that everyone would have a roommate. As soon as Throp walked in his roommate walked out looking angry. Throp felt the ship shake a little and knew that they were taking off on their mission to save the planet.

There wasn't much to do on the ship except wait for the time the ship arrived at its destination. Throp spent most of his time during the two weeks walking around the large ship and exploring every room someone didn't live in. Finally after five days of traveling they arrived at the planet and the old man addressed everyone, "This is the planet Earth. It is believed to have a primitive species living on it, but nothing we can't handle. You will go and scout the areas and plant these," he held up a little blue ball about the size of a marble, "in any water sources that you find. When they have soaked up as much as they can they will come back up to the ship by themselves. We will give each of you an area to explore, when you are done in your area you come immediately back to the ship!"

Throp felt the ship shake a little as it landed and the doors fell open. Everyone began to pile out of the ship and onto the soft ground. All around him, Throp saw sand and only a few feet away from it was….He couldn't believe his eyes. It was water as far as the eye can see. He ran to it and dipped his hands in, but when he put it to his mouth it tasted salty and he spit the water out.

"It's salt!" someone said next to him and the old man came and threw in a marble. Immediately after being completely submerged in the water the marble began to grow. It grew to be about ten feet in diameter sucking up water and then it stopped and the old man had someone collect it and put it on the ship.

The water level had gone down a bit and Throp saw that where the water once was there were little specs of salt. The old man gave the order and everyone split up going to their destinations.

Throp went with a group of five others. No one spoke as they made their way to their destination. Throp couldn't help but feel extremely ecited, but at the same time nervous. Were there really other beings on this planet? Would they see some?

There was a loud chirp! And evryone jumped. One of the men in Throp's group turned and pointed a gun in the direction of the noise. Sitting on a naked tree branch was a beutiful bird of blues, reds, and yellows. Throp walked towards it and the bird tilted its head and flew away.

Throp grinned widely, "It's so beautiful here!"

They kept walking and walking until finally, when Throp felt like his legs were going to fall off, they came to a small pond. Throp went up to it and dipped his finger in it and livked it. It was fresh water.

Each person in his grup, including Throp, tossed in a marble and they grew and floated away back in the direction of the ship.


Everyone flinched adn ducked under a bush as they watched a few hideous creatures walk by. There were three, that Throp counted. They were taller than anyone Throp had ever seen. One of the creatures had dark skin while the other two had lighter.

Throp tilted his head in confusion. What were these beings?

When they were gone and Throp could no longer see them he and his group agreed that it would be best if they turned back now and went back to the ship. They didn't bother to stop and rest at all.

When they got back to the ship no one was there. The ship was unguarded and the beach they had landed on lay deserted.

Bang! Bang!

Everyone turned around. What had that noise been? Bang! Bang!

They each ran in the direction of the sound. They climbed over a wall of rocks and when they jumped down they saw that many of the ships crew and others that had come to the planet on the ship hoping to save their home, laid on the ground soaked in their own blood. He looked across from them and saw that more of the ugly inhabitants of the planet were here. The were dressed in odd clothes that reminded Throp of trees and leaves and dirt. They each held large guns in there hands that, Throp realized, were the ones making the loud banging sounds.

Everone in Throps group ran forward yelling hoping to help there comrades. All, except for Throp who stood in horror. He didn't think it would have turned out like this. Why couldn't they let them take just a little water from their planet. They had plenty to go around.

Suddenly Throp fell to the ground. There was a searing pain in his chest. He reached his hand up and and touched where it hurt. When he looked at his hand it was covered in purpilish liquid.

Throp lay still, sprawled out n the ground waiting for his end. Tears swept down his face as he thought of the people on his dieing home planet who were expecting them to come back with food and water. They would all starve or die of thirst. Some would probably kill themselves unable to bare the slow aganizing torture of their death to come.

Throp laid still crying wanting so badly for a miracle to save his home, because now, he knew, there was no chance of his races survival. Their last hope had failed them. Slowly Throps life slipped away. The light left his eyes and everything for him ended.