Fear of love,

Fear of pain,

Fear of the unforgiving cane,

Fear of lies,

Fear of sighs,

Fear of those distraught eyes,

Fear for the unknown,

Fear for the known,

Fear of everything combined,

Fear is what makes me blind,

Fear is what makes me think,

and act in blind accordance,

Hindering the world around me,

Hence, My Fear of myself

Fear is when you run away,

Fear is when you re scared to love someone,

Fear is when the sky turns grey,

Fear of confusion,

Fear is like a dark blue ocean,

Fear won t let me escape

Fear mocks me,

watching Fear taunts me,

waiting Fear of losing,

Fear you cannot see,

Fear dealt upon thee.

Fear of darkness and death,

Fear of a dead comrade, Fear of a gun being cocked,

Fear of being endlessly stalked,

Fear of time,

Fear of all the crime,

Fear of the undesirable truth,

Fear for the good.

Fear for the sake of life, F

ear of the neighbors next door,

Fear of the secretive man in the subway,

Fear of the revolutionary uproar,

Fear is to not rejoice your living,

Fear for the sake of your life,

But to fear is to forsake it.

Fear is to have no hope in life,

Fear of the fear of fear,

We need no reason to fear,

For fear has no reason for itself.

I guess life is just like that,

To fear for no reason,

For to fear is not to reason,

But to reason is to fear.

To fear for the sake of fear,

Is fear for fear,

So let me think,

What else do I fear?

What else do I fear?

What else do I fear?