I'm not that Cinderella,

I m not right all the time,

And I m not gonna sit in a cold, dusty old attic,

Just Waiting and waiting for that someone to come and find me.

How can I?

And then one day I realized,

in story time in kindergarten

The fairytale life just is not the life for me.

I'm not that Cinderella.

I know that one day will be the day I'll find someone who loves me,

who needs me,

Who wants me for my heart and soul,

and not just a pretty face in the bunch,

and that they are not scared to show that they love me.

A one who will see that I m pleased to be who I am, who I want to be I m not that Cinderella.

I can chase my own Monsters,

Out of my room.

I Can dream my own dreams,

But maybe not accomplish them along my path.

And my knight in shining armour,

Is up to me to decide.

I'm not that Cinderella.

I can never be that Cinderella

I don't want be like anyone else,

I want be an individual of my own,

Not like the pretty girls you see in the story books,

or in the magazines


I'm not that Cinderella.

My name's not Cinderella,

I don't need to be saved, I can save myself.

I don't sleep in the attic

I don't clean the fire place.

I don't have a wicked step mom, nor do I have wicked step sisters.

My blood related father is dead to me.

I don't cook all the dinners, the breakfast, or the lunch.

And if I get in a fight, it's safe to assume that I threw the first punch and even the last punch.

I'm not your Cinderella.

I don't need to be set free.

But if i did, I hope you'd play the prince, or even the knight who rescued me!