I don't know how to explain it. How the influential sustainability of one's choices can affect another. For one's suffering to relieve another. The impact on society, the ripple effect, which manipulates the way people think. Is there a balance in this world? A set amount of happiness and pain which cancels each other out? Is there a correct definition or is it all sustained through our perceptions? They call it collateral damage. I call it my life.

My friend Robert is different. He has manipulation and sense on all objects around him. He can control water, feel what's behind him. He can even extract life energy from living things. He can manipulate his molecular make up to phase through solid objects. Bind the molecules in the air to create a wall harder than granite. There is no limit to what he can do. For those who search for the indefinite, infinity has no meaning. And me? No, I'm just a regular human. No powers, no supernatural talent. Just a weak, breathing, mortal human.

"Will!" Robert called behind me. I turned.

"Yes?" I replied. Robert ran up to catch up. He was panting and sweating. It was a warm summer day.

"Where are you going to?" he inquired.

"Oh the usual. The rocks." I brushed my hair out of my eyes. 'The rocks' was our nickname for the abandoned quarry near where we lived. No one hang out there anymore. A good match with my introverted, shy personality.

I settled down on a boulder. Robert sat adjacent on some grass. It was quiet here.

Some birds were nestling high up in the birch tree. The sky was cloudless and a soft, gentle breeze was caressing my cheek.

"Look what I learnt to do," Robert said, breaking me away from my trance.

He raised his hand, palm facing me. A gush of freezing wind bit my face. I gasped as it had taken me by surprised. Robert, with a still concentrative look on his face, twisted his hand. I felt myself sweating. I could actually see heat waves as if I was in the desert. Then Robert put his hand back on his lap and the heat faded away.

"Nice trick eh?" he said.

"Yeah...,"I replied. I was still in a bit of shock.

I looked at him. Robert had black hair, delicate features and glasses. His hair was gelled into an updo which gave him a boyish quality. He had deep brown eyes and a strong stature. He was tall and healthy. I on the other hand had brown hair, with a side swept fringe. I was skinny and had hazel eyes. Robert was playing around by blowing some leaves around using wind he conjured up. I sat back and watched him, thinking about what I was going to do when I got home.

"Don't move a muscle or I'd blow your brains out," a hoarse stated. I was barely aware of the gun positioned next to my head. The stranger then put me in some sort of headlock. What was I going to do? Struggle? Surely that's was knocking on death's door.

"Now I want you to walk into this car," the voice said to Robert. "Or your friend dies." My brain was still processing. What? What do they want? Are they kidnappers?

"I have a better idea." Robert replied seconds before he pointed his hand at the stranger. I was pushed back with the stranger by some invisible force. Robert waved his hand. I felt the stranger being forced away from me.

"HELP!" the stranger called. 5 people leapt out from a bush. They were there the whole time. And they were surrounding us. "Stay behind me, 'kay?" Robert told me. I obeyed. I heard a report from a gun. I didn't realise I had closed my eyes. I opened them slowly. A bullet was frozen mid air a metre in front of me. Robert did a gesture with his hand. The bullet turned directions, resumed its speed and hit who shot it. A man ran up to us with a knife. Robert twisted his hand. A blue transparent thing with no fixed shape was coming out of the man. The air was rippled. The thing was reminiscent of transparent smoke. It was coming into Robert's hands like dust to a vacumn cleaner. I looked away. I knew what he was doing. Robert accidently did it to me once before and it didn't feel nice at all. All the man's life energy had now been taken away and he fell to the ground dead. I was dead too once. Not until Robert realised what he had done accidently and returned my life energy back to me. A stranger with a dark hood that concealed his face ran towards us. Robert lifted his hands and water from a nearby well rushed up. He aimed his arm at the stranger and he was splashed away with water. He got back on his feet and started to run towards us again. A smile crept up Robert's face. He spread his arms. An almost invisible, thin, stretched – plastic like dome spread over Robert and I. My stomach felt a bit nauseous. The air was rippling like when a rock was thrown into water. I looked at myself. I was shocked when I discovered I was transparent. I looked at Robert and saw he was see through as well. The stranger kept running. And ran through us. The stranger had been caught off balance and tripped and fell. He didn't expect us to be intangible. He got up and swung at us. His arm went through my head. He kicked. He punched. But he couldn't touch us. Robert just waved his arm, like he was swatting away a fly, and the stranger was blown away by a strong gush of wind. He was knocked out cold. Suddenly a woman held up a gun. I didn't worry. It couldn't touch us. But instead of bullets, shock waves came out. Robert fell to the ground screeching as he covered his ears. Huh? I couldn't hear anything. The woman seemed to be unaffected as well.

"Stop it!" I called. "Can't you see you making him hurt?"

The woman ignored me. I ran up to her rashly, trying to bash the gun away from her. She just knocked me away like I was just a pest annoying her. I fell on the ground. The impact knocked the air out of my lungs. Robert screams were louder now. I got up on my feet, and jumped into the shock wave's path. I couldn't feel anything. Robert was still screaming.

Suddenly the woman fell down to the ground unconscious. She had a needle jabbed into her neck.

"Quick get in!" a man called, in a car.

I helped Robert get in and I climbed in as well.