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Blood Moon

"Stupid piece of junk!" I yell as I kick the tire of my car with my work heels, as it has broken down on the side of the road AGAIN!

"I really need to get a new car."

I say to no one but myself, as I recall that Rick's auto body shop is not too far up the road and I'm sure I saw his tow truck in the driveway.

Rick the owner of the shop is a fine specimen of a man. Tall at least 6'3" and muscular, a wide shouldered man, built great from working with cars for most of his life. With dark hair and black eyes, that pierce you through when he sets them on you. There has been many a times I have come home from his shop and had to help myself out because I was under that dark gaze for too long.

I've been going to this shop for years since I moved here. Originally it was Old man Putnam that ran the shop but he was getting on in years and he didn't have anyone who wanted to take over the shop in his family but he was friendly with a young man who had been interested in buying it.

He said the young man offered way more than the shop was worth. So initially he didn't take him up on his offer. Thinking that he offered so much out of respect for his age. But his kids and grad kids had been on him about moving closer to them and spending time with them.

He loved that old shop and he had helped plenty a people even when they didn't have the money right away. Including me and I have to say that I was more than a little worried that he was leaving. It was hard to find a good mechanic that wasn't gonna rob you blind and is was willing to make payment plans. I was happy for Mr. Putnam but I was a bit worried for me.

Mr. Putnam assured me that he would let the new owner know about me, but who knew if this new guy would keep his word. It was his shop now he could do as he pleased.

That's how we ended up with Rick, and he turned out to be just as trust worthy and honorable as Mr. Putnam. But boy was he an upgrade in age and overall sex appeal! I miss chatting with Mr. Putnam but, he was lucky he had no real Heath issues and his family really did want him with him. So he sought out Rick and sold his shop to him, and I've had the pleasure and luck to be a costumer of his shop. Even though it's still called Putnam Auto body.

I check my watch and see it's 6:39 pm and they close at 7:00pm I just might make it! I've been there several times to have them check out my car when it was over heating or having one of it many break downs.

As I run up I see that Rick is pulling his garage door down.

"Wait! Wait! I scream running as best I can in work heels.

I see the garage door stop its decent and Rick's feet and long legs start to reappear as he lifts the door back up. I stop in front of the garage door as it finally raises above his head. Still catching my breath I look up and see that Rick has rolled his overalls down to his waist and tied them so they don't slide further down his hips. He's also wearing a sweaty wife beater that is stretched across his wide chiseled chest clinging and sticking to every beautiful line of his body. His golden skin is covered in sweat and motor oil.

I speculate that he might be Native American or something like that, but god is he beautiful. I can just barley tell that his wife beater used to be white, and I silently wish he wasn't wearing it so I could see all of that golden skin.

Suddenly the air is just too damn thin and I need way more of it than I'm getting. I do my best to compose my self and take a deep breath trying to forget the wetness between my thighs and I pray it's too dark for him to see how flustered he's made me, and the stiffening of my nipples.

"Lidia..." He croons softy while crossing his large sculpted arms across his chest and setting his dark hot gaze down on me.

A slow smile creeps across his beautiful lips reveling perfect white teeth. His canines seem unusually long but I have always liked that on a man. Makes him seem predatory, or animal like. Suddenly he raises his arms up to the garage door above his head and tilts his head to the side, and crosses his legs at the ankles. He slowly rakes his gaze down my body and back up to my face still smiling.

My heart rate picks up and my breathing quickens and I know for sure he can see my nipples erect and tight through my thin dressy blouse, and lacy bra. I squirm with his eyes on me and rub my thighs together to try and get rid of the wetness that seems to be soaking my matching lacy panties, but to no avail.

"H-hi Rick" I say shyly smoothing my skirt that suddenly feels too short and place my other hand between my breast trying to somehow hide my nipples and their embarrassing display.

"Hi." he says smiling down at me.

"Ummm... My.." I start to say.

Rick stands up straight and puts his hand up and stops me.

"Let me guess your car broke down AGAIN and it's just down the road and you need a tow." He says with a smile on his face and his dark brow arched in a knowing manner.

I scowl at him like a petulant child and put my hands on my hips.

"YES!" I growl a little annoyed that he's making fun of me and my predicament.

He laughs at me which only makes me more annoyed and I start to walk away.

"Lidia wait, wait I'm sorry you just look so cute when you're angry and I couldn't help myself." He says smiling and holding my arm to prevent me from walking away.

I turn my head and stick my nose in the air and he walks in front of me and looks in my eyes

"I'm sorry don't be mad" he says seriously his black eyes sparkle as they boor into mine, sending my body back into its carnal frenzy.

"O-ok" I breath. He smiles and points to his tow truck.

"Come on get in."

He puts his hand in mine and leads me to the passenger side of the tow truck. Before I can even marvel that he's holding my opens the door and grabs me around the waist and lifts me into the passenger seat. With no real effort. I am so surprised by his gesture I gasp and Rick chuckles in response. He tucks my legs in and smiles at me.

"I'll be back, gotta get my keys."

I nod still stunned and burning with desire because his hands were on me.
He closes the door and goes inside his garage. I pull down the visor and look at my self in the mirror checking my make up and doing my best to calm down. What am I a school girl! I scold myself. He's just a man! I mentally screech. Though I have to admit I have never been so drawn to a man as I am to Rick.

Something about him pulls me to him. Hell he's a sexy, tall gorgeous, sex god with a smile that could melt steel and eyes that burn you from the inside out! Fuck! What am gonna do! I'm so horny I could fuck a tree! Get yourself together Lidia! I admonish myself, suddenly the driver side door opens and Rick climbs in and I shift in my seat.

"Ready?" he asks looking to me and putting on his seat belt.

I nod and follow suit and clicking mine into place.

"Ok let's go get your baby" he says smiling at me.

I nod and do my best to not think about how close he is to me and try not to daydream about him pounding the living daylights out of me, with his no doubt huge member and the feel of his giant hands roaming all over my body, rubbing and caressing every part of me till I'm satisfied.

It's a short little jaunt especially when you drive it instead of walking in your work heels, but it still startles me when he breaks me from my reprieve from reality.

"Ok we're here."

"O-oh ok" I say glancing around. He sticks his hand out and I look at him bewildered.

"Keys Lidia." He chuckles.

"Oh!" I say blushing all the way to my ears.

I'm immensely grateful for my brown skin as it is harder to tell when I am blushing. Though it doesn't stop the embarrassment or the heat that the blush brings.

I hand him my keys. As he closes his hand around my keys he leans in close to my neck and breathes deep and pushes out his breath on a sigh. My whole body shutters as his breath brushes my neck sending my already keyed body further into heat.

"What did you think I wanted Lidia?" He breathes seductively a hairs breath from my open lips gazing down at me.

I do my best to gather my words and reply but I am entranced by his black eyes. He grins wide and leans back moving to open his door, and I can't help but feel I'm being played by this beautiful beast.

"Stay in the truck it's cold out. I'll be done in about 20 minutes ok?"

I nod and watch him as he makes his way to the back of his truck and the front of my car. I watch him in the rearview mirror as he goes to work on my car connecting this and that and it's just so arousing to watch him work I find myself squirming in my seat with unbridled arousal. My breast begin to plump and my nipples stiffen as they poke through my shirt.

Then I think... He's gonna be at it for at least 20 minutes I can help myself out and release some of this tension I've built up, until I can get home and truly take care of myself. I don't know what's come over me but I feel powerless to stop it. I would really rather have him, but even though he's flirting with me so blatantly I feel if I let him have me he'll chew me up and spit me out.

That thought opens up wounds I forgotten I had. I haven't had many relationships but the ones I've had weren't so great. I often fell for guys who were no good for me, or into my friends. I guess I'm just unlucky in love. I do have to say though, I have dodged many bullets so to speak. No kids, no dead beat dads, no STD's, no abusive boyfriends. So in that aspect I have been lucky, lonely but lucky.

Rick on the other hand I had no desire to dodge, even though I probably should. Something told me he was dangerous, but I couldn't help but feel he would never hurt me. It was a strange and irrational feeling but my intuition was eerily good so I always took it to heart. Even against logic, but I won't throw caution to the wind and just dive in. I want him but I won't be used and tossed away again. Plus he's never asked me out, and he has my phone number but has never called me for anything more than business. So all I can do is have him in my fantasy world.

I'm not the hottest cole in the fire but nor am I the ugliest duck in the pond. I'm a very shapely girl. Full bosomed, tapered waist and full bottom. What you would call an hour glass figure. About 5' 8" and a little heavier than I'd like to be but I can work on that. I've been this way since I was about nine.

Lucky me puberty hit early. Which made sure the perverts were always after me, and most people thought I was older then I was.

My skin's a light brown with yellow under tones and a speckling of freckles on my hands and up my arm and a bit across my nose. Curtsey of my mother and grandmother. My hair is black curls that run just past my shoulders. Unless I straighten it and it hits about mid bicep.

My mothers family is from New Orleans. While my fathers side is from Mansfield. So I'm creole and country. Despite my figure I have been rejected many times and I don't relish the idea of going through it again. I've been rejected for being too shapely, too dark, too intimidating, too wild and for being too Black or not Black enough. Go figure, I would thought me being African America would have clued them in but silly me apparently I was wrong.

Besides this man is so beautiful he could have his pick of almost any woman he wanted. He's probably just playing with me. As far as I know he could already have a wife, girlfriend, or multiple girlfriends. I don't wanna be another on his list.

I'll just imagine him filling my wet slipperiness with his thick cock. Just the thought makes my middle clench with anticipation. I slowly hike my skirt up and open my legs and I am beyond great full that I wore my garter belt and thigh high stockings and not the full pantyhose.

I look in the rearview mirror and see Rick run his huge hand through his obsidian waves he calls hair and I long to do the same. I pinch my my left nipple sending liquid fire through my veins, and I softly gasp as the fire spreads all over my body. I have done this before but never with the person I'm fantasizing about so close by. It's like someone's taken me over.

I open my window so I don't steam up the truck cab and leave a smell of sex in his truck and in effect outing myself.

I pull my soaked lace panties to one side and slowly slide my finger between my wet, smooth, shaved lips and the silk of the wet skin on my finger is fantastic. I plunge my finger deep inside myself gathering the excess moisture. Moaning as I tilt my head back. I plunge now two fingers in my tight wetness while working my clit with my thumb.

I open my eyes and glance back up to the rearview mirror and see Rick working the lift and I can see the muscles of his back stretch and flex taking my carnal heat to a volcanic level. I image holding those flexing muscles as he slowly pushes into me stretching me to my limit and stopping as he's deep inside me throbbing.

Then he slowly pulls out of me and grabs both of my hands and holds them above my head with one of his giant hands, sucking my right nipple and tweaking the left with his large adept fingers. I moan softly as that tell tale burn starts to sweep up my spine. I look in the rearview mirror again and see Rick staring intensely at me in the mirror as he works the winch that's slowly lifting my car.

I stop cold as his sparkling black pools pull me in, and pray he doesn't know what I'm doing in his tow truck. His gaze is predatory and I fear if I look away he'll devour me, and I'm pretty sure I like that idea and I'm simultaneously horny and angry with myself for feeling this way.

He continues to stare and I can't help but feel he knows what I'm doing but I just can't stop myself. He smiles at me then licks his full lips. Just that little peek of his tongue sends me over the edge and I clench around my fingers. Doing my best not to let on to what I'm really doing.

As my orgasm begins to ebb I notice that Rick is almost done with my car. I look around the truck cab frantically trying to find something to clean my hands with. Just as I'm about to completely freak out I see a tub of moist towelettes on the floor near my feet and I reach for them. I pull a towelette out and wipe my hands vigorously, just as Rick walks up to the driver side door.

Rick opens the door and stands outside the it holding the door handle. His nostrils flare and he takes a deep breath and my pulse begins to race wildly. Can he smell what I've been doing? No. can't be I opened the window. He closes his eyes and he sways a bit seeming to gather himself and I wonder if maybe he's feeling faint.

"Rick are you alright?"

He opens his black eyes and they seem even more animal like than before and it scares me and excites me at the same time.

"No I'm fine I was just a little...wound up. I didn't expect it to be so strong."

I knit my brows in confusion and watch him as he climbs in the truck. He seems more tense and I begin to worry that he has figured out what I've done and is appalled by me. It's my own fault but it still kinda hurts that he might be disgusted by me.

For the rest of the short ride to my apartment he stares straight ahead never looking at me. Even when I make small talk he gives short answers and keeps his eyes on the road. The more I sit there the more I think he knows and hates me now. I'm so ashamed that when we reach my apartment I open the door and jump from the truck, forgetting that my purse is still in my car and that Rick has my keys.

"Lidia! Wait! Your purse and your keys." He yells after me.

I turn back embarrassed that I have to face him again. I walk over to him doing my best to look calm and collected as I hold out my hand for my keys and purse. He must have gotten my purse out of my car before he came back to his truck. I am great full that I don't have to dig under my car seat as he watches.

He places the keys in my purse and puts the purse in my hand lightly touching my hand. When he feels our skin meet he recoils from me and my heart breaks like I'm a fifteen year old girl loosing her first love. Never have I experienced anything so painful in my life. I look up at him and he just stares at me. His features tense and pained. I don't understand his expression, but I'm too tired and crushed to try and figure it out.

"Goodnight Rick. Thank you for bringing me home I'll pick up the car tomorrow." I say as cheerful as I can manage.

"No no Lidia I'll come pick you tomorrow ok?"

I turn to him and give him the best fake smile I can so as not to seem crushed by all that has happened.

"Ok see you tomorrow then." I smile.

I walk to my apartment and I can feel Rick's eyes on me as I unlock my front door. I do my best to open the door quickly so I can be out from under his heavy gaze I finally get it done and I turn and wave. He politely waves back and I go inside. I close my door and lean against the door thoroughly crushed. I thought I had shielded my heart. I didn't realize I wanted him as much as I do. I want to cry but I know the tears won't come.

I slide down the back of my door and sit on the floor. Suddenly I hear a loud bang from outside. It startles me and I jump. It's like someone pounding something metal. I but I'm just too tired and upset to see what it is, so I just sit with my thoughts.

At least he's still gonna try and fix my car, and he did offer to come get me tomorrow. So it's not a total loss. I try to let that comfort me but it does little of that so I get up to go take a shower and wash away the shame and embarrassment, no longer excited. I make my way to my bedroom and peel off my clothes. Stocking, skirt, shirt, bra and panties. I toss them all into my laundry basket and place my purse on my dresser as I grab clean underwear and an oversized tee shirt to wear as a nightgown.

I place them on sink as I reach in the shower and start the water. I test the stream of water to make sure it's an adequate temperature. Then I dry my hand off satisfied with the spray that will wash away the weariness I've brought upon myself. I look in the mirror before I decide to get in the shower. My muddy brown eyes seem sad and I do my best to bring some light back into them. But it's no use the wound is still fresh, I get over things pretty quickly but even I know this is gonna take a while for me to get over.

Then I remember I have to see him tomorrow and act like everything is just fine. Show no pain and put on a happy face, regardless of the turmoil I feel inside.

I kneel down on the floor and place my elbows on the sink and my face in my hands. I still feel as if I wanna cry. Which is very strange for me cause I almost never do so. I've never really been a crier. I mostly hide my pain, a fake it till I make it type of girl. I look into the mirror again trying to figure out why I'm so upset about Rick. I mean we didn't even have a relationship! I've broken it off with a boyfriend of two years and felt better than this.

Maybe I'm getting old and the ticking of my biological clock is just so loud warning me that time is running out. Maybe that's why I'm taking this so hard. I know my time is short for all the things I want and want to do.

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