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Blood Moon Chapter 2

I stand up tired of thinking on the new addition to my state of disenchantment with life. It seems just another unhappy memory in the sea that is my mediocre life. I know it sounds bad I try to stay up beat as much as possible but somedays are better then others.

I'm just having a hard time because this is a new disappointment. I'll get over it...I always do...I always have to.

I step in the shower and wash away the remnants of the hectic day. While doing my best to remember to put on a happy face tomorrow for Rick and myself. Besides no matter what he's still a great guy and he has done so much to help me, when I needed him, which is more then some people can say of their friendly neighborhood mechanic, or anyone for that matter.

Even if it's only in a friends capacity I'm still gonna make the best of what little we have left. Plus he didn't do anything wrong it was me who decided to embarrass myself by masturbating in his tow truck with him just outside, and I have to own up to my stupidity,at least...I'm gonna try to.

I don't know what came over me but I just couldn't stop myself. I usually have better control, but this desire was primal, it moved within me. I could feel it prowling in my soul, trying to get out, and it was going to have its release no matter what. It had always been there, but it was stronger. Like it had been only half awake but now it was almost full alert, and when Rick was around, god it was almost impossible suppress. Even my natural intuition and ability to influence people was stronger. Like I was being...enhanced.

Granted it never made me do anything I didn't want to do. On the contrary it was more in tune with exactly what I wanted. That little stunt I pulled in the tow truck was a compromise. It was either that or let Rick take me in his tow truck. I knew I had it bad for Rick but this was ridiculous. I just thought I had a better handle on it than this. Oh well no use crying over spilt milk.

"Dammit!" I hissed as I pounded a huge dent in my tow truck hood.

I leaned against the truck with my head back staring up at the night sky. The stars were beautiful twinkling, above me but I just couldn't really enjoy them. I was too caught up in the mess I'd made with Lidia.

In all my 115 years, I had never had such a strong instinct toward any female...ever. Not a "blood", not a "made", not a human. Of course I'd had plenty of lovers over my lifetime. You can't go for 115 years without some kind of companionship. I'd been with all three types of women, and some of them I had even loved and had lasting relationships with. I never married any of them, it seemed too cruel to do something like that, and I wasn't really excited about being married to someone I liked or even loved but, wasn't IN love with. That's the reason why most of them left me.

No matter how hard I tried to be IN love with them it never took. It always felt like something I was trying to force. Some of them even found their true bonded mate while we were still together.

I never held it against them. When you felt that pull to someone what could you do but answer it. It did hurt to see them go, but it didn't hurt because I was losing them, it hurt because I was jealous. I'm not too proud to admit that I wanted what they had. Though for me it seemed it was something always out of reach.

My father once told me that some of us are more connected to their wolf. More in tune with his or her instincts. I happen to be one of those lucky ones. Which is why wolf never seemed interested in any of the women I was with, because deep down neither was I.

After so much time with women I only kind of liked, and the dry spells. I began to think that I may never find my true bonded mate. Until we laid eyes on Lidia.

You see being wolf was like having two souls, in a sense...the inner wolf was still you, but he was the primal you your base instincts and desires. Which meant he didn't always agree with the civil, logical you. It wasn't that different from the inner dialogue humans have with themselves. Your conscience, your ego the good and the bad parts that make It's just that wolves inner selves were stronger and more sensitive to things that most humans have little senses of.

Though there are those rare humans the possess qualities that resembles natural magic and pack magic, which if they are turned to a "made" their magic becomes stronger, but never as strong as a "blood's" though some can get pretty close. Being born as a wolf seems to make a difference.

Which is why I'm here. Lidia is one of those rare humans that possess a natural affinity for magic which makes her a prime target for the "Lycan Made Alliance ". I didn't even want this job but when I saw Lidia's picture wolf and I were of one mind, she was ours, and we existed to love and protect her.

~Six months earlier~

"Dad why can't you send someone else? You know I have so much to do around here."

"You know why Ricardo, the Lycan Made Alliance is after the "potentials". We can only speculate as to why they have recently started to become so brazen in their search for the "Made Queen".

"Dad we all know that's an old wives tale there is no "Made Queen! How many thousands of years have our people been looking for her! Waiting for her!"

"Be that as it may Ricardo THEY believe, and something or someone has caused them to mobilize and double there efforts. We can't have dead humans all over the place and dead mades. It could be our ruin."

I knew my father was right, we really did need to protect the potentials. The Lycan Made Alliance, was growing and becoming a formidable adversary. Against the Clans in general and The Lupus Clan Council. As one of the council members Alpha of his own pack and head of the North American Clans my father Thaddeus Joseph Bloodmoon had a lot on his plate. Even though he didn't look a day over 25.

It wasn't that I didn't want to help it just seemed an errand that any pack member could run and to me it seemed unwise to send me off to watch one "potential" when I could do so much more with the pack and the other clans. Especially with all the turmoil going on.

"Ricardo you know I wouldn't ask you if it wasn't important. There's something different about this potential...she's...stronger. Like she's...already wolf."

"Ugh...ok Dad...ok let me see her picture at least."

My father picked up her file off his desk and handed it to me. I opened the file and saw...her. I felt wolf stir then pace within me. Milk chocolate skin and deep earthy brown eyes gazed back at me, with a predatory knowing gaze. They did seem to have wolf behind them. Something beautiful and wild. She had full lips that I could barely rip my gaze from. Black curly hair, and she was shapely just the way I like. She was...the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen. My father grabbed my arm, pulling me from my thoughts.

"Ricardo! You felt it too. I told you she was different. Ricardo?"

I turned my eyes to my father trying to calm the beast within. Never had he responded so strongly for any female. He was trying everything he could to get to her. We had finally found her.

"Ricardo...wolf is present... he looks out through your've bonded.."

"I didn't know you could bond from a picture?!"

"Not everyone can my son. She must have the potential to be very powerful. Maybe even more powerful then a blood."

" Father who did you send to track her? Were they new, she...sees them."

"No it was Carter."

Carter Langston was one of the best trackers in the pack. Maybe even the best of all the clans.

"Carter said he had to keep way more distance from her then the usual potentials. He said she could sense him, like wolf. He said when he took surveillance of her she frequently looked directly at him. Even with great distance between them."

"What! How is that possible?"

"I do not know my son. There is only one that is prophesied to be made but stronger then blood. Perhaps she is that one. If so thank God we found her before the LMA."

I could feel my lip curl up at the mention of the LMA touching my mate. Wolf paced and growled in fury.

"Father I have to go to her now she is mine, I have to protect her. They will try and force the change on her. I can not have that."

"I understand my son. Be careful the LMA are growing in number and power. We found 2 more humans that died in transition and 3 dead mades. The mades were probably too dominant or they wouldn't align themselves with the LMA so the were executed. I'll activate more of the pack in that area to back you up if need be. She may be the one they are looking for and since she is human she will be a bit harder to convince of all that is at stake and what she may be."

~The Present~

I get in my truck and drive to my apartment it's only 2 or 3 miles from my shop and about 15 miles from Lidia's house which is the real reason why I took the place. I wanted to be in driving and running distance if necessary, but still far enough away that I wouldn't show up at her apartment and screw the living day lights out of her.

Wolf was getting increasingly difficult to deal with, he was not happy to be separated from her, nor was I. Especially when she was in heat! God she smelt so good! Just the thought sets wolf to howling within me, and makes my overalls feel a bit too tight. Even now her sent still lingers in the cab of my truck. I wish I could have been in the truck watching her play with her wetness.

I rub my throbbing member as I drive, fantasizing that I'm sliding into her warm wetness. The thought causes shivers to creep up my spine, as wolf begins to rise to the surface. I never knew you could want someone like this, need someone like this. Like...air, I glanced in the rear view mirror to see my eyes have turned gold as wolf tries to convince me to turn the truck around and tell Lidia every thing. Show her that she's all we've ever wanted and waited for. I can still feel the pain she felt when she thought I was rejecting her. Even from this distance I feel her trying to cheer herself up.

I wanted her so bad and I had to convince wolf it was not the right time to take her. I could tell by her scent she wanted me too, not to mention the pheromones she was sending me, and I her. It was intoxicating, but with wolf being just as smitten as I, I knew I had to be careful because he might reveal himself to her. She's human and knows nothing about us. It would kill me if she feared me. It would kill wolf too.

Usually he stays relatively calm and hidden but with Lidia involved and so close but still yet untouchable he was chomping at the bit. He was pretty pissed that we hadn't mated her yet.

When she was in my tow truck on the way to her house with the sent of her sex in the air. I was using every ounce of will power I had suppressing wolf and he was not happy to say the least.

I finally pull into my drive way and turn off my truck. I lean back against the seat and rub my face in my hands. Wolf is doing his best to tempt me into changing and running back to Lidia's house to make love to her till we all wear out, and I am so not opposed to this idea. So I sit in my truck calming myself worried that if I move wolf might take over and take us straight to Lidia.

I decide to compromise with wolf. I pull my phone out my pocket and dial Lidia's number I feel wolf start to stir getting excited just to hear her voice.

The phone begins to ring and as im praying that she answers, suddenly I feel a surge of excitement just before I hear her sweet voice on the line.

"Hello? Rick?"

"Hey Lidia sorry to call you so late but...uh...I wanted to tell you I'd be to your house around 2 to pick you that ok with you?"

"Oh...yeah that's...fine..." She replies obviously disappointed.

I don't know if I'm happy that she's disappointed or angry with myself for hurting her again.

" I also called you to ask if you want to go to dinner with me at around 8 or so...would you like to?"

My heart stops when I feel her excitement surge all throughout my body and I know she's gonna say yes. I smile in my truck like a fool as wolf does flips, running around with his tongue hanging out.

"Uh...yes, yes I'd love that."

I can hear and feel the smile in her voice and it brings wolf to the surface.

"Good! Ok sleep well I'll see you tomorrow at 2."

"Ok goodnight Rick."

My whole body thrills to hear my name spill from her sweet full lips.

"Good night Lidia."

I press the end button and place my phone back in my pocket. I'm so excited I barley notice that I'm starting to transform. I kick off my shoes and unzip my work coveralls, while opening my truck door. It's pretty late in the evening but I still scramble to the bushes on the side of my house just in case someone might see me.

I feel my muscles stretch and reposition and hear my bones crack and shift as I hunch on all fours, my face protrudes, as the rest of my body fully takes on the change. My midnight black fur shines in the moon light as I blink golden eyes against the night breeze.

For a blood it only takes 1 to 2 minutes to change, and unlike mades it doesn't hurt for us. Though It can be a little tiring if you're hungry or already worn out but overall the change is relatively easy.

I shake and let the change sink in as I stretch my limbs. I still have to be cautious, even though we look like regular wolfs when we change we are still a lot larger especially if you're a blood.

Bloods can range anywhere from 3 to 4 feet from the ground to the top of our heads, weighing 250 to 300 pounds give or take. So it's a good thing we're fast and have wolf magic that allows us to be seen only in the side vision of humans, unless they're being attacked. It's quite handy, the human mind wants to be logical so it dismisses us as strays or regular wolfs, which can still be dangerous but better then seeing a wolf the size of a female bear. Where as mades are about the same size as a regular wolfs 195 to 225 pounds at about 2.5 feet to 3feet which is still a bit bigger than a normal wolf but still less noticeable.

The last of the transformation shivers run down my spine as I sprint toward Lidia's house. I know I just came from her house and I know I said I'd only go if she needs me, but I want to see her so badly, and I just can't fight it anymore.

I sprint across the street into the woods running as fast as I can. I just have to lay eyes on her just for a moment. Besides I need to run off all this sexual energy anyway or I'll never be able to sleep.

I race through the trees and across empty streets, excitement courses through my veins like electricity. I finally make it to Lidia's apartment and sit in the woods across from her apartment building. I watch her window as wolf and I silently call to her. It's not likely that she'll hear us she's not wolf. We feel her because we are wolf, but we can't help but hope.

A few minutes go by and still nothing. We whine slightly disappointed that she didn't hear us.

Suddenly I see her blinds move and there she is standing before the window with her curly hair pulled into a ponytail and her dark eyes glittering in the moonlight, scanning the woods searching She heard us! Wolf wants to step out and let her see us but I convince him it's still not a good idea yet. Though we are happy she heard us and we got to see her. At one point she looks right at us and I move back in the bushes so she won't see. I see her squint trying to get a glimpse of us. I marvel at how strong her instincts are.

I decide its time to go home and rest before I have to get up and fix her car and we're both overjoyed knowing that we'll soon be telling her how we truly feel.

I take one last look at her as she places her palm on the glass. Like she's saying goodbye and it feels like she knows I'm leaving. Her dark eyes stare straight into my golden ones. I close my eyes trying to will myself to leave. Swiftly I turn around and run back home.

I make it back in 10 minutes jump back into the bushes willing myself to transform back. I put my coveralls on, and pull out my keys and unlock my door still pining for my mate. I walk to my bathroom and strip off my clothes and turn on the shower. The run helped a bit but I'm still burning with desire for her.

I palm my stiff member and slowly thrust my thickness into my palm, as I imagine pushing into her silky folds till she's sweaty and panting. I pick up the pace opening my eyes and see her against my shower wall. Her full lips parted and dark eyes half lidded with need. I push into her soft wet body groaning with every thrust. The silk of her full wet breasts against my chest is mind altering as she gasps and grips my wet skin. She places her head against my chest and bites my peck.

The sweet sensation of being inside her and the sharp pain of her teeth in my flesh lights my orgasm and I explode in side of her calling her name.

I open my eyes and I am alone once again. No Lidia just wolf and I. As I catch my breath I realize that was the best self help session I have ever had. I've never been really fond of helping myself out. Of course I've done it to release the tension but it never really did the trick, but this...this was so real I could almost feel her wrapped around my manhood convulsing.

I push that thought from my mind knowing if I don't I'll never get any sleep. I finish washing up and get out the shower. Grabbing my towel and dry myself off as I walk into my bed room. I reach in my dresser draw and grab my pajama bottoms and pull them on. I fall back on my king size bed and wish Lidia was here to share the empty bed, I don't know how much longer I can take not having her with me.

I wake the next morning to the sound of my alarm going off. I press the snooze button laying back down, trying to remember my dream. I know Lidia was in it, and I'm pretty sure we were making love. I smile up at the ceiling remembering that I'm about to be with Lidia for most of the day, and that exciting memory is all I need to get me out of bed and ready to take on the day.

I contact the pack my father activated in the area to make sure no new threats of the LMA have occurred, and report to my father of any new findings, and inquire if any new troubles he has incurred. Apparently there were a few more killings down on his end but they seemed to be steadily making their way closer to us. As if some was steering them this way.

This worried me especially since wolf and I knew that Lidia will be one of their targets, if they find out about her. Seeing as she's the strongest potential we have ever come across it worries us more. Wolf began to growl, pacing with in me. I calm my overactive mind, trying to focus on exactly what I wanna say to Lidia today, and wolf's grumpy mood changes to excited, he knows we're finally gonna make her ours. That knowledge is enough to turn things around and brighten my dark thoughts.

I make my breakfast and eat as quickly as possible so I can start work on my beautiful mate's car. I smile to myself excited about calling Lidia my mate, even if its only to myself.

I grab my keys and make my way to my tow truck, as I close the door to the truck cab Lidia's sent overwhelms me, which only serves to make me even more excited about tonight. I drive to the garage, getting there just after 9 am. Seeing as I'm in a good mood I decide to open up early and start work on Lidia's baby.

I check the messages on the work phone checking to see if anyone will need any heavy duty work done on their car today. Most of them are quick fixes nothing I can't do in a short amount if time with little effort. That's one of the great things about being wolf. The strength and speed in which I can do most things. I can lift most car engines on my own and do it faster then any human could and in half the time. Which costs the the car owner less and saves me time. Besides I love to help people and lots of mechanics cheat their patrons, which I really hate. Especially since most of the people who come to my shop can barely afford the work they need on their cars. Mr. Putnam was a good man and I plan to keep the integrity he built up at this shop.

I happily work on Lidia's car while listing to my IPod when the phone rings into the shop. I run to the phone and answer.

"Putnam Auto body. Rick speaking.."

"Hello Ricardo."

My jovial mood begins to sour as I hear Delphelia Delaney voice on the other end of the line. As ex's go Delphelia Delaney was not a good one to have. I don't even really think you could call her ex, seeing as we only dated for 3 months. We began dating because she and father thought it would be good for our two clans to have a marriage. I wasn't to keen on the idea but I was willing to give it a try. No one could doubt that Delphelia was beautiful. She had beautiful red hair that cascaded down her back in waves, and the most stunning huge green eyes you'd ever did see. She had a heart shaped face with pale porcelain skin that most super models would kill for. She was tall and lean with a perfect figure, long legs, cute butt and fantastic perky breast. She was...perfect, a little thinner than I like, but any man would kill to have her. That is as long as you were all about looks, money and power.

She and her father had sent a modern day matchmaker packet which to say the least cracked me up but her family was pretty instant about the whole thing. Plus you never know I might meet her and she may be a great person. Maybe even my bonded mate.

When I finally met her in person she was even more beautiful in person, but wolf didn't even stir. He did the equivalent of a dog opening one eye because his noonday nap was interrupted, then went back to sleep, she did nothing for him. I chuckled inwardly at his reaction but I continued the relationship as not to be rude to her or her family. She on the other hand seemed to be quite happy with my overall appearance and personality.

On our first date we chatted at a affluent restaurant she had chosen and ate great food and had a few laughs she seemed to be rather pleasant. For a while I thought we might be able to make a decent power couple. She didn't seem to be as superficial as most aristocrats, even though wolf felt nothing for her I really wanted to settle down and I still hadn't found my bonded mate so I was willing to try and make this work.

We dated for about three months, and I always felt an uneasy feeling about her but I chalked that up to being worried about committing to someone who wasn't my bonded mate. Things seemed to be going pretty until I began to observe her behavior with me and others. She had no love for humans, mades or the poor. She didn't want to work and she had decided that "when we were married" I would stop working. I stared at her in disbelief. She had planed out our whole life without me. I'm sure she was used to getting her way and dealing with alphas that were weak, and easily swayed. It made sense but I would never allow her to control me, neither would wolf. He was practically foaming at the mouth.

Delphelia was a "Aristocrat" blood which basically meant her family was rich and have political power behind the scenes. Most of them have a strong since of self importance. As werewolves go they are some of the weakest of us they like the strength, nobility and instincts their wolves gives them, but they shift as little as possible, accept full moons of course. Lots of them avoid relationships with anyone but bloods even if their bonded mate is a human, or made, so their wolves become weak which makes them weak when it comes to physical prowess and ability to protect themselves.

They have no respect for "mades" or humans, they are one of the biggest reasons the LMA exists. In fact they have mades do all of their menial jobs, and though they believe mades to be beneath them, humans are the lowest on their totem pole.

Delphelia is no different she was only interested in me because I'm a blood with a double clan. Which is basically royalty for werewolf's. My mother Veronica Jimenez is a Mexican blood, and her father Eduardo Jimenez is clan leader. My father Thaddeus Bloodmoon is a Native American blood, he had been running our clan and was leader of all the clans in Northern America including my mothers clan in Mexico. My father is also a Lupus Clan Council member, when he and my mother bonded. I am their fist born which means my father will pass all his power to me when he's ready to retire, which is what the Aristocrat clan is really interested in...more power.

"Delphelia what do you want?" I say exasperated.

"Is that any way to talk to your fiancé? Besides we haven't spoken in ages."

"Delphelia you are NOT my fiancé and the reason I haven't spoken to you in ages is because you can't seem to grasp that we are not and never will be together. " I reply calmly.

"Why Ricardo?! We are perfect for one another! I'm beautiful and rich and you're handsome and rich. God only knows why you work!"

"See Delphelia this is why we don't work. You are shallow and self absorbed. You think you can control people with your money and power, not everyone can be bought Delphelia. Besides you don't even want me you want the position I can give you."

"I don't understand why you're so opposed to someone who values themselves as I do. Also so far you and your family are the only ones who we haven't been able to "buy" as you say. Also I don't just want the position you can give me I really do want you, and you can have me in any position you like. Just like old times, what we had wasn't so bad." Delphelia cooed.

I sighed tired of her banter. The only way I could get her to back off is when I let wolf cow her. As alphas go I am very dominate but I try to keep it bridled but Delphelia could bring out the worst in wolf and I.

I didn't dare tell her about Lidia, she would make so much trouble and I'd be afraid that wolf would rip her apart if she ever did anything to Lidia.

"Delphelia I have work to do I'm gonna go."

"Wait! Wait Ricardo! Meet me for dinner. At the restaurant where we had our first date."

"Why Delphelia?"

"I have some information about the LMA and the potentials they're after."

My eyes widened and I knew Delphelia was smiling on the other end of the line. I didn't really believe that's why she wanted to see me but she knew I'd have to check out this info even if it was bogus. I could tell she was hiding something it's nearly impossible to lie to a werewolf we can sense any fluctuations that are precursors to lying, but I could also tell she really did have info on the LMA, and I need all the info I could get. Especially with Lidia at risk.

"I have plans for dinner but I'll meet you for lunch, at 12 and I won't be staying long I have an appointment at 2. Got it." I said letting a little wolf into my voice.

"Y-yes Ricardo I-I got it, um...but who are you meeting for dinner?"

"Goodbye Delphelia." I replied hanging up the phone.

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