I'm done

I'm not afraid anymore

I know now

I am the one to


I don't fear Death,

I don't fear him,

And now I don't fear

The only thing

I ever have.

The Fear

Of being alone.

All my life that has been

My fear.

But no more,

I won't allow fear

I won't let it

Control me

No more

Fear me now

Look into my eyes

Do you see fear?

Or do you see hate

Cause only one

Can see sadness

Or love

Within my


I am willing

Body and Mind

To protect

What or whom I must

And I can do it

With a smile

On my face.

For I don't


Any longer

If I'm alone

So let me be.

If he destroys my


So let him.

If I am to die

Then allow Death to come,

For I will embrace him

And thank him

For my release.

But I will


A personal favor

Bring me to Hell

But bring him down

With me.

Allow Death to put me

In chains and shackles

I won't fear.

Because nobody cares

They'll move on

They'll forget

Who I am

But I'll remember

I won't fear

Being forgotten

Because in the end

He will be

As well.