I say I'm not a morning person

But that's only because I get up at 6:30

For school

Every single morning

By the time I'm awake, we're moving

Moving to get ready

Moving to the bus

Preparing myself for the busy day of school

On weekends I can actually enjoy it

Wake up on my own terms

Leave my bed when I please

Looking at the snow outside

Have a cup of Ceylon tea

Or two

Maybe three

If I'm actually hungry, maybe I'll eat

Shrug on the jacket from yesterday

Hair loose and wavy around my shoulders

A little tangled from sleeping

Maybe I'll put on socks

A little calming Rihanna song

Check all the social network sites

Maybe post a few things

But mostly sitting and stalking

My contacts aren't in yet

Because I'm not ready to get ready

I'd rather just have my bed and laptop

Along with tea and pringles

By this time, I'm motivated to write

A poem, part of a story

Maybe I'll finish that fanfiction I've been working on

Maybe I'll write a new one, better than the last

Publish a couple of poems

That will have no reviews for awhile

Because, really, who reads teen poetry

Other than the other teen poets?

I hope no one from school sees those poems

But sometimes, I do

Maybe they'll think differently of me

But mostly they'll laugh

I just try to keep to my fantasies

Because I'm not motivated for anything else

Don't want to face the outside world

Content with my own morning