My alarm blares, filling the room with the sound of digital Hava Nagila and making me jolt out of my sleep, squinting and frowning for a moment as the light from the screen in the pitch black room blinds me. G'ds damnit I thought I turned that off for the weekends. Getting up on the weekends, not as painful as most will make you believe but when the first thing you hear is loud hebrew singing pressed up on your face that doesn't always end well. The time blinks softly, 4:30 AM. Lovely.

Thankfully enough for all my friends who live with me I'm naturally a morning person anyways so my annoyance is not long winded. Getting out of the bed is a bit of a pain but I manage with some rolling and bumping to get myself up and dressed, which is to say I take the time to put on a pair of pants before walking out in a too long t-shirt with tweety on the front with the words "I tought I Taw A Puddy Tat!". Yeaaaah buddy, making my way down stairs, walking fast, faces pass and Im kitchenbound. Hair all over the place I look more like cousin it than a lady. After getting a cup of water I roll my shoulders and walk softly throughout the house, checking on those that are still sleeping out of habit. Some head scratching and yawning later I can be found out in the living room, sitting on the bay window seat and staring at the sun rise. I'll never miss another one of these as long as I'm able bodied enough to get to a place to watch it.

As I sit I lean on the cool glass, shove my hair out of my eyes and sigh happily. Having my friend near was something I treasured dearly and living all together was nothing short of a miraculous blessing by whatever all knowning being reigned over this world. I want to get up and go wake Aharon and the others and have them see this but I don't want to make them lose sleep either, so I continue to sit and smile softly. That reminds me...

A few minutes later, the cup of water left on the window sill, phone set next to it haphazardly, and a door left open in the front just a crack was all that was changed. I make my way through the snow, crunching filling my ears as I make my way out and start to roll snow with my bare hands, who has time for gloves and proper snow supplies? Not I! Red cheeks and numbing fingers cannot dissuade me from my mission of making the best snow man family of all my friends. Although my legs giving out from under me from the stress might, whoops.

Laying in the snow on my back, unable to move and grinning like a dork my only thought is "at least I finished the last snowman" As I shiver slightly and watch the slowly shifting clouds drift across the dawn sky.

I hope someone thinks to come and get me. Oh well.