I do hate when I can tell a day might not be so good of one. I woke up way too early in the morning. My little schnauzer was upon my legs, snoring and warm and snuggly, and my back was aching something terrible- bad enough, that I could feel it within my wrists. Ah, arthritis, hello friend. You aren't welcome to be seen again. A while later, and I know for certain after I've woken up Pepper with my tossing and turning, and she's irritably jumped off of the bed, that I will not be sleeping again tonight. I blink open bleary eyes and look at the clock near my head. 3:15 in the morning. I'm too young for getting up at this time, no matter what anyone says.

But I do anyway. I press the covers back slowly, inch by inch, painful each step of the way, until I am finally cold and uncovered. Pulling my shirt closer about my shoulders—and then doing the same with a smaller blanket, I finally sit up, to the chagrin of my muscles. But they can deal with it later, as for the moment, I am a bit preoccupied. And so I finally stand up, and I creak my way over to the closet, bit by bit, until with a quiet sigh, I pull out the first thing I see—a simply v-neck, and jeans. It's 3am, I'm too lazy to wear a bra, and nobody else will be awake. I shall deal with that bit later. And I do apologize, dear reader, but I will not be allowing you to see or read of me getting dressed for that is somewhat creepy and frowned upon.

Holidays have passed and all. I don't have anywhere to go at this point, anything to do to make myself preoccupied. The decorations had been put away, the dishes cleaned, porch dusted of snow (which had mostly melted), so there was nothing I could seriously think of to do. Eh…. Perhaps, I will go play a game. Maybe. I mean, I'm sure there's SOMETHING I can do, right? Slowly I try knocking some of the knots and kinks out of my joints, without much success. It kinda only hurts more, to be honest with you. But, I keep pushing through regardless, until finally my legs show some semblance of readiness to walk, and my arms are capable of a little more than just pulling themselves through sleeves. Eventually, I rub my little dog's ears, and head out of my room, careful not to creak the hinge too much, leaving the door open as I go, in case she would rather stay with me instead of sleep. She didn't, opting to get back on the bed and sleep.

I quietly stop by the other two bedrooms in this hallway for a long moment, sighing silently to myself. It was…. Still hard for me, to believe that these folks were really here- that I wasn't imagining it. My best friends were /actually here/.I mean….. you can't get any cooler than that, right? Living with your closest friends? I just…. And with how I grew up, something that big of a dream coming true? I wonder if I'm deluding myself, dreaming, somedays. I was having problems waking up afterall. I can still hear Kiki asleep in her room- pretty soundly it would seem. So she's still there…. Alright. The other door, I very very warily creak open, and glance inside.

I feel creepy about it…. But sometimes, just making sure people are still there is the only way I can assure myself they ARE, y'know? So I carefully take half a step in, before raising a finger up to my lips in thought. Sure enough, Kandace is still all curled up under her covers, sleeping quietly and peacefully, her own dog—I think it's Pipay, that's the white one, right? No, it's Kikay. Kikay's asleep curled up on her f—nope. She's staring at me from down there. Oops. Kikay don't grumble please… shhh…. I don't want to wake my ate up. That would make an awkward situation. Okay okay, I'm going. I've established y'all are still there, I'm gone, promise.

Stepping back out of the room, I decide to just kinda leave it where it is, partially open, rather than incite the little dog's wrath. For now, I just start heading down the stairs, careful step by careful step, careful of both my painfully aching hips, and my kinked back. They'll get over it soon enough, I'm sure. For now, I think…. I might go ahead and play a game. Stepping across this large hallway and into one a little ways across, and then turning off into the main living room. ….was it always this cold at night? I don't know. But it's cold, and I don't like it. Maybe the chills are just me. Whatever. I stoke the fireplace in this room anyway, before switching on a tv a little ways above it to the side, switching on a game system on a shelf. A Playstation, to be correct.

The game that turns on is something I really should not play at this time of night. Especially since I've already been jittery. Because well… it's Silent Hill: Downpour. I already had enough of a heartattack watching someone play this once—which is silly, considering I was laughing through a game of Amnesia. I guess I'm just a strange person. Ah well. I sit back on the floor, with my back against the couch, and start playing.

A little while later, my dog finally decided enough was enough, and she came downstairs to see what all this fuss was about. She found me sitting stock still, bent forwards staring at the tv, intent on whatever I was doing—probably wanting to scream and run, honestly. I just pat the couch next to me, so she hopped up onto it, and then rested my head back, just a bit, so she could rest her head on mine. We stayed like that a little while. Until, well, y'know.

Horror games will be horror games. And the utter SHRIEK that came out of my mouth at a sudden jump scare was one to behold. My dog, startled, skittered and went sprinting and scattering across the floor, back up the stairs. Probably to my room- who even knows. I finally calmed myself down a little, after having paused the game, just trying to take deep breaths, fingers shaking.

I heard a few thuds coming from upstairs a moment after that, and then a gruff, tired voice muttering, "Jeeze, is everything okay down here? What's going on, what's the issue?"

Thank god for Ty. I don't think I was ever happier to see him (this is a lie) than at this moment. I just shook my head, muttering obscenities and pointing at the screen, before holstering my controller, mumbling the game's name quietly, before just sitting back with a sigh that was more of an exhale of all my breath at once. He just looked at me for a long moment after that. And then, he started chuckling, sitting down on the couch next to me, running a hand through his hair.

"I was actually worried there, for a second."

"O-oh uh…. Sorry, kuya," I allowed sheepishly. Oops. I hadn't meant to startle him. I offered the controller at that point wordlessly, just sighing. "Want a go?"

He grinned. "Sure."

And so Ty took the controller from my now pale hands, and I leaned against his leg, just quietly watching and eeping as he went ahead playing, brows furrowing in concentration. A while later, another shriek and sudden clinging to his poor legs (surely I cut all circulation) from me, brought poor Kandace stumbling down the stairs, grouching quietly to herself. She joined us then. And we stayed that way for a little bit. I don't know if it was Ty who turned off the game- or if he just paused it or what- but when I finally woke up a few hours later to the smell of cooking bacon, Kandace and I were still sprawled across the couch and floor respectively, and the tv was off, and Ty was probably in the kitchen staring at the bacon with hawk eyes. But how would I know? I haven't been here long enough to learn all their quirks yet. And still I say, a night well spent.