Marie was on her way to school when she saw it. A strange light appeared in the sky above her and shot out, heading in the direction of a nearby house. Curious, Marie made her way toward the house where the light had fallen, taking care to be extremely cautious; she didn't want to be caught trespassing on someone's property. Slowly, Marie crept up to the house and peaked around its side, now looking at the source of the light. It was a teenager, who was glowing, though the glow was fading quickly.

"Damn it!" the girl's voice rang out in the silent air around her as she punched the ground in front of her. Suddenly she grimaced as if in pain, clutching her stomach, and doubling up. No one heard her except Marie; it was near dawn and no one was around, the occupants in the nearby house still sleeping.

Marie, who was afraid because of the unnaturalness of a glowing girl but also curious at the same time, stared at the glowing female. She was no longer glowing but she had not made a move, other than to speak those two words. Her long hair was a silver color and hung loose around her shoulders, hiding her face from Marie's view. She was clothed in what looked like ancient leather armor, but due to the girl's hair Marie couldn't be sure about it.

"Damn!" the girl spoke, still clutching her stomach, but moved to sit on her bottom. As she moved, Marie noticed that where she clutched her abdomen there was red, making Marie realize this girl had been hurt somehow. The girl looked up, noticing her surroundings for the first time. She did not immediately see Marie, but as she took in the area around her, she noticed the girl staring at her from behind the side of the house.

Marie stared at the girl in shock, seeing her face for the first time. Even when the girl's eyes rested on her, she could not do anything, not even look away. The girl's eyes glowed a deep red, reflecting the color of the blood which now stained her hand. Her face had something on it, underneath her eyes it looked like ancient scrollwork had been tattooed there. But what caught Marie's attention and held it was the girl's mouth. It was slightly open, revealing long, pointed teeth which reminded Marie of an animal.

"Hey, you girl, come here," the girl called out to Marie.

Without consciously knowing what she did, Marie took a few tentative steps towards the unknown girl. Upon closer inspection, the girl was older than Marie originally thought. She looked to be in her upper teens. She also looked more beat up than at a distance. There were several other cuts in her clothing and tears in her leather armor, all being stained red from the blood that had bled through. Marie stopped a good five feet away from the teen and asked, "Wh…What are you?"

"Doesn't matter," the teen stated roughly and then asked, "Now, are you going to stare at me, or help me?" The teen then smirked, showing Marie her pointed fangs, "Or do you want to run away in fear?"

Marie nearly took a step back in fear from the look the girl had given her. After only a few moments hesitation though, she stated, "I'll help you."