Things Aren't Always What They Seem

By Alison Reed


I stand by as you work

Just watching never moving

I can't let you know I'm here

To do so, would be disastrous

You've already told me

You never want to see my face again

If you do you will ruin me

I can't take that chance

No matter how much I want

To be near you

If everyone knew my secret

I wouldn't be able to work

'Cause no one would hire me

My family's counting on me

So, I can't lose my job

I hate my life

Why did I have to be born?

If only my family didn't need me to work

I could go up to him

And tell him whats on my mind

What could he do?

Even if he exposed me

I would have said what I needed to

And then, I could just disappear


I walk by you

You don't see me 'cause I'm in disguise

You aren't expecting me to show up

And if I do you think I'll be myself

Not as I am in what I'm wearing

If only you knew the real me

You'd not be scared of me

You wouldn't be threatening me

With something I couldn't help

That night wasn't my fault

This isn't fair, why did I have

To fall in love with someone

Who will never love me

No one should have to go

Through the hurt and scorn

I wish I was never born

The only way I can get my

Anger out is to write

These words and vent

It really does help me

It helps me see things

In a different light

Well, sometimes

Other times, everything

Looks the same

But, it at least realieves

My stress some

I'm greatful for that

I might end up doing

Something stupid otherwise


My story isn't very interesting

It's just one long and boring

Cliche' story that no one knows

I wish it could stay that way

But if Adam has his way

It will soon be known to

The whole world

I have to somehow show

Him what I'm really like

And that, that night was

Both an accident and a mistake

One that will never be repeated

Even if I wanted to, I couldn't

Everyone involved in that

Night is dead, well, except me

That's another problem

Even if I told Adam the

Whole story I don't have

Anyone to vouch for me

To tell him what I say is the truth


The accident happened nearly a year ago

It happened near midnight on the 16th of July

In the water by the Westnear bridge

Me and a few friends were partying and

Drinking when we decided to go swimming

It was David Hammons' idea, but we all agreed

There also present were Belinda Brooks and Carter Jenkins

We jumped off the bridge and into the water

David went first, then Belinda and Carter together, and then me

We didn't notice until we were in the water also

That David hadn't come back up

Carter immediately went under looking for him

Me and Belinda followed, but we couldn't find him

We had to call the police, leave a tip that some kids were

Jumping off the Westnear bridge

No one's supposed to be out there at night

We couldn't stay and wait for the police

We felt bad, but we couldn't get caught out there

If the police knew, we'd have gotten arrested

We found out the next morning that Davids'

Body had been recovered

Soon after this, things happened

It's like Belinda and Carter couldn't live with the guilt

Carter overdosed, I'm guessing on purpose

And Belinda jumped off a building

Her and David had been dating

She felt the hurt and guilt the most


This makes me the only remaining survivor

I've thought about ending it, but why should I?

Someone's got to survive

To tell the truth about what happened

And I've come to terms with what happened

Plus, I've come to realize it wasn't our fault

We couldn't have stopped David

He would have jumped whether

We were there or he were by himself

There's no point beating ourselves

Up and dwelling on what happened

It happened and there isn't anything

We can do about it

There's no going back

I just wish Adam could see it

That way and stop blaming

Me for what happened

Adam knows part of what happened that night

'Cause he's Davids brother

David told Adam what he was going

To do and Adam tried talking him out of it

David had been joking about Adam

Pleading with him before he left

The night of his death

Now Adam blames me 'cause

I'm the remaining survivor

I wonder if he wishes I were

Dead too, probably


One day I might tell him

Everything that happened

That night, but not now

I'm going to move both

Myself and my family

From this town

And I'll try to forget

What happened that night

I figure that's all I can do

Because there is no going back

This just shows you

That things aren't always

What they seem, so

Don't judge till you know

The whole story

The End.