I, the werewolf that was rejected by my mate

"hi, my name is earth, I'm a girl with long black hair and red dashes under my eyes...I'm a werewolf, I should tell you, if your a deer nows the par to run for your life!

There are many werewolves, I go to a school that is for werewolves.

Sigh... And I'm the omega of the pack."

Earth entered the school grounds, her skateboard slung over her shoulder. She felt her wolf stiffen inside her as she passed the school gate. Instantly everybody stopped what they were doing and stared at her,their eyes cold and emotionless.

She kept her gaze forward, not making eye contact as she entered the school doors and into the hall. It was the same in here, voices hushed as they glared at her.
She wouldn't blame them for their unwelcomeness, they were just following the rules.
She was the omega in the school and by school, she meant the whole school. It was unusual, the school did not consist of just the followers, her pack. It was full of other packs as well, the black eyes, the ice wanderers, the fire breathers. Usually each pack had a different omega each omega living in there pack, but she, she was the omega to all the packs in her area. Not just the followers, which treated her badly, but every pack along the school list from a-z.
She walked to her locker, recognizing it because of its burn marks that covered its door, a long story that she was not going to start.
Grabbing her key, which where hanging from her bag. She opened it and exchanged the objects inside. Her school books and pencil case inside went into her bag and her skateboard, her home keys and her coat went into the locker. When she was complete with zipping up her bag she shut her locker and began to walk.

A scent filled the air, she froze. It was beautiful, a breath of fresh air.

Lust ran down her body, her wolf growled.

"MATE!" her canine side screamed, instinct took over and Earth began to change.

A crowd surrounded her in aware as they watched the freak turn, her body changing in a bright light as they watched her become wolf. For the first time though, she couldn't care less.

Her eyes a deep green, her fur ruffling. She howled, my mate were are you.

Her love returned the howl, I'm here.

his howl was deep and soft, better then she could ever imagine it. She skidded of into a run, heading towards her loved one.

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