It had been five long hours,

five long hours she was in there, and five long hours he, Storm had too wait out side.

Even through, he was a son of the pack's alpha, he still had been ordered to wait outside because,

"You brought her in here, if she wakes and tries to kill people, she's your responsibility."

And so the pissed of werewolf was hunched up on a small window-sill waiting for the doctor to leave the room and tell him of her health.

And it was on that thought that the tired doctor left the room and walked over, he was carrying nothing as he left the door, his eyes cast sideways before looking to the left towards the waiting son.

"She had raven in here blood stream," the doctor whispered, Storm clenched, raven was not deadly like silver, but it was almost as painful, " she'll be blind for quite a while," he pointed.

Good, Storm thought smugly, how is a blind scrawny girl going to kill anyone.

"She is...," the werewolf tilted his gaze forward, looking onto the doctor's light brown hair.

"She's also in a coma, I don't know when she will wake up, if she even does at all. I have left her in the room on the left of the hostipul, you may see her any time."

Why would I want to anyhow, Storm thought, watching as the doctor disappeared down the hall, yet he did.


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