Are you a Dream?

Flushed and sweaty

I was ready

My Heart was raced and pounding

Future bells were sounding

Almost as if I was awoken

My destiny was spoken

Staring into the eyes of my Significance

With every perfection, it was Magnificence

Years and years had I been Waiting for this day

Now here it is, come to whisk my heart Away

Am I to feel frightened?

Or simply be Enlightened?

When I was little, such dreams filled me

They Shined so bright I could not nearly see

Towering above me with Perfection

If only excellence had a Reflection

"I can be your Hero baby"

Irony! As this Love Will Slay Me

I can look at our star

But not without wondering where You are

Wearing tears that shined Red

Feeling Feelings left unsaid

Be my light, Be my Dream

I can not find Reality… or the Seam.