The moon's out
The day has gone.
Today is yesterday
But yesterday was today.

The world's turned on his side,
Like my body
Under the stars,
and my brain pounding in my head.

Today, yesterday, we'll never
get her back, or re-live her.
It's a bit sad,
don't you think?

Because yesterday is forgotten,
we're in the present
with the present of a new day,
Or the punishment?

It's 14 minutes past one and
I'm tired.
But I'm HAPPY unhappy HAPPY

Because I'm tired and I'm so tired,
Of overthinking
At half past one
Every morning.

I think of you and I think of him,
and I think of her and I think of me.
I think about them and I think about us,
I think about the stupidity, under my heavy eyelids.

It's 16 minutes past 1 and I'm optimistic

The one thing that is certain,
Set in gold
In a plaque of stone,
In my brain.

Is that I love you all so very much and I am so very sorry.

Because at 18 minutes past
17 past one has gone.
It's gone and now is now
And that was then and this is me.