A secret

Then again

Maybe not.

Either way I cannot say

Because if I did

Would there be


What I once chose

Not to tell

Is my choice no longer?

I want to say

But may I? No.

I may not,

I cannot say.

No longer is it

My choice.

I want to tell you

I desperately do

The only thing preventing me before

Was I didn't know

What you would think

We didn't seem to talk

Quite enough

For what I say

To mean a thing.

But now what's stopping me

Is so much more.

Once I could tell you

Then I can't

All the while it stays

On my mind.

What would you have thought?

What would you have said?

How would you react,

What would happen,


I fear your reaction

Because with this

Your reaction

Could mean just about


But then again,

I can't tell you

I don't know if I

Ever will.

A situation

Prevents me

Only if it lifts

Will I tell.

Do I want it to lift?


Do I want to tell you?


Can I tell you?


Will the situation lifting

Hurt me?


Will it not?


Why so many


You ask?

Because I am only


I don't know the answers

To all questions

Even some being simple

All I know

Is I have something to say

That I want you to hear

But whether it will ever happen

I cannot say

I tell you once more

I cannot say.