Hey guys, this is my first essay and I hope you'll like it. I dedicate this essay to all of the graduating students of the year 2012-2013. Especially the high school students. :D

How can I start an essay that will completely warm our hearts? As a rookie, creating one is hard. You need to choose the accurate topic, the accurate words—to explain your feelings—and the accurate sentence structures. It sounds impossible; However, I will do my best and share one of my best essays.

As a graduating student, you don't have enough time to think about it, for you are a busy person. You have to make sure that your grades are high enough , so you can graduate and be accepted in college. You have to make sure that all of your requirements are complete, so your school can give your diploma. It's hard. How you wish you were still a First year student. Where life is easy and you're very inquisitive about what's going on.

Remember? You feel both excited and nervous on your first day in high school, for you're in a new school where you'll meet new teachers and new classmates. Do you still remember the first one you spoke in your class? It feels like you have finally got rid of your shyness. Once you have introduced yourself to all of your classmates, you felt like they have welcomed you and a great friendship will start.

How about your sophomore year? Not much has happened right? We only felt the warm—very warm—welcome of that year. However, there are some unexpected things that happened. Some of us had a serious argument, nonetheless, they forgave each other. Some of made a lot of mistakes, nevertheless, we learned from it. As the year had passed, we shared a lot of bonds and get to know each other even more. Then, our junior year has come. We are all excited for we will experience some events that only happens once in our lives. Our bonds, trusts and friendships grew stronger and it feels like nothing can destroy these things. When our junior year has ended, summer came. After that, our senior year has come and welcomed us. Most of us are sad, for this is our last chance to do something together. It's a pity that we all have to say our good-byes. Despite that it's only four years, it feels like it has been forever. We treat each other like family, brothers, sisters and cousins. We all know that time is fast—very fast. But as long as we remember and cherish our bonds, we will always remember each other. No matter what time it is.

Congratulations, Graduates! I hope that all of us will be successful someday!

I hope you all like it, and please criticize my essay very well. I really want to enhance my writing. God bless!