/Monster, how should I feel?
Creatures lie here, looking through the window.../

The days are happy and bright.

The young girl bathes in the sunlight, relishing its warm glow and gentle caresses. Sometimes she stares at the bright ball in the sky far too much, and it stings her eyes.
She doesn't mind.

Reaching into her shelf, she takes out a roll of paper and a box of crayons, and settles down. She draws the warm inviting sun, smiley face and all. Bright red and oranges and yellow, greens and blues and skies. The rainbow stretches down.
The indigo crayon sits, clean and untouched.

The window is her favorite place on days like these. She sits on the ledge with a book in hand. Sometimes, when she gets too sleepy, she might take a nap.
She curls up like a cat and lets out a childish sigh of content.

The nights are dark and scary.

She likes the moon and the stars, she really does. But on nights like these, there are is no moon,no stars. The wind is chilly and she shivers.
The man on the television says that there is a storm coming.

She peeks under her closet and looks under her bed. The light stays on. Monsters fear the light. If the light stays on the monsters won't come out. They will stay away, far far away. But than her mom comes and turns off the light and tucks her in bed.
She places a teddy bear next to her daughter and gives her a goodnight kiss, gazing at her fondly.

The girl feels warm and fuzzy, just like how she feels under the sun. It doesn't last long. The window beside her is omnibus, and beyond that all she can see is black, black, black. Dark.
She can see it's piercing stare. The monster has arrived. Sharp claws, big teeth scary eyes. It wants to bite her.
She cocoons herself using her blankets and grabs her teddy bear. The bear will fight the bad monster, she knows.
And with lingering hope that the monster will not get her, she places her trust in the bear, and dozes off.

She dreams of sunflowers in a meadow and yellow crayons.