*Let's all pretend that Austin and Ally haven't become partners. Ally is the shy, timid girl we knew she used to be, and Austin is the rocker, out of control, and very popular. They go to the same school, but Austin doesn't know Ally exists. Ally doesn't lift her head out of the books long enough to notice anyone at all, except Trish, her best friend. Austin and Dez aren't friends, the popular boy would never be caught hanging out with a "freak" like him. Will fate and destiny bring Austin and Ally together? Or do Austin and Ally only exist on TV screens?*

Austin's POV

Oh my gosh! The sickest thing happened today. So Luke, one of my main peeps, totally pulled one on the math teacher. Ms. Martinson is so boring, she practically never even looks behind her, except to take a drink of her water. So today, Luke poured his own spit that he collected into her cup when she was turned around, and then she turned around and drank it! She didn't even notice!

Man, that was hilarious.

After school I went home, and immediately grabbed my guitar. I guess that's what I'm known for, playing guitar. In any case, girls make me sing to them all the time. I mean, fine with me, since I end up with A LOT of dates.

But, that's the risk I took learning to play guitar. Oh, woe is me.

Haha. Just kidding. I love it. Who wouldn't? I get all the girls, I play gigs all the time, and I'm one of the most popular people in school. Everyone is jealous of me. I'm living the life. What more could I ask for?

Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, there is one thing. Yes, I do get all the girls, but for once, I want it to be special. I don't want just another girl who wants to hear me sing. I don't want to be a prize, a name people will respond to. I want to be someone's EVERYTHING.

Pshh. Gay. Who would want that? I'm Austin Moon, for crying out loud. Everything in my life is absolutely perfect.

Ally's POV

Everything in my life is not absolutely perfect.

Everywhere I go I'm ambushed by people. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against people, its just, sometimes, I'd like to be alone. But, there's people everywhere. At school, the mall, Sonic Boom.

And, its not like I actually talk to them. I can't. If I did, they'd just laugh.

Little Miss Ally Dawson, TALKING to someone. They're all above it.

Besides, I don't want to talk to them anyway, everyone at my school are complete immature idiots. Take my math class for example. Yesterday, a bunch of guys poured spit into the teacher's drink! How rude! Poor Ms. Martinson.

Don't get me wrong, I do have friends. Well, one. My best friend, Trish. She's amazing, and I wouldn't be able to get by without her.

And then of course, there's Sonic Boom. My favorite place on earth. The vibe is so amazing, I can practice piano, and sometimes, when I'm alone, I'll sing, and write songs in my book. I don't know why, but I do.

Someday, someday I'll be able to talk to people. I will be able to sing the songs I write. I won't cower in fear in the thought of a social encounter. Little Miss Ally Dawson will be no more, someday I will be calm, confident, and beautiful Ally Dawson.


Today is not that day.

Someone, (not me, even though I've heard people say it was) told Ms. Martinson about the spit thing, and she's mad. Beyong mad actually. Because of this, instead of just punishing the people responsible, which is this group of guys that include Luke Rylan, Austin Moon, and Logan Ames, she's punishing the whole class. I guess I understand, and I respect her for standing up for herself, but her punishment is the worst.

It's a paired project.

It has nothing to do with math at all. Instead, our pairing must observe 10 different encounters that show politeness, but they have to be random, and not staged. We then have to write a five page essay on what it really means to be polite.

We don't get to pick our partners.

So, lucky me, I have to work with someone.

I'm dreading it, I'm shaking so hard in fear. Please be someone that doesn't hate me. Almost everyone hates me.

"Ally Dawson, you will be working with.." She checked her list, "Austin Moon."

I looked at him, and I could see him whisper to his friend Luke, "Who's Ally?"

I saw Luke point to me, Austin looked at me. I knew my cheeks were burning red, but I couldn't look away. I could tell Austin was disappointed, but there was something else in his expression, definitely not a look I'd ever seen before. But, then he looked away, as if I didn't exist. But then again, maybe I don't.

This is going to be just awesome.