Meilleure Amie

Meilleureamie (n.)- best friend

Language: French

First Person POV

I walk around the quadrangle of my school. I see my classmates walking with some of their close and best friends.

Me? Pfft. I'm just the average typical 16-year old girl nerdy, loner, book-worm who's swimming in the sea of typical everyday people. My name is AgathaMargauxAzura, and...

My best friend recently died.

She was diagnosed with a case of leukemia and pneumonia. And, I couldn't save her. Her name was ElysseFaustineBriony. She died when she celebrated her 16th birthday at the hospital. It was two months ago.

She was probably the only friend I had that was with me for 5 years.

Tears slowly build up in the corners of my eyes again.

No, I must not think of this. She's probably somewhere flying around with a pair of wings and halo up her head.

As I sit down my chair, I hear the everyday sayings of the people around me.

"Dude, is Saturday afternoon finalized?"

"Hey, hey... How 'bout me and you?Movie theatre tonight?"

"Eww, oh God, stop stalking me, creep!"

"Okay, everyone quit it. We're about to start our first subject." Says my Algebra professor as he hushed everyone who groaned.

He started the lesson as everyone took their seats.

Ugh, I have reviewed this lesson for the umpteenth time already.

I guess, a bit of sleep wouldn't hurt...?


I wish... Elysse would live again, even for half a day.


Hey, wake up.

A voice called me. It sounded just like Elysse.

C'mon Aggie, wake up...

Someone tugs at my ginger red hair. I bolt my hazel eyes open to see a girl my age with mocha brown hair and beaming turquoise eyes.

"Gee, sleepy-head, what subject is it now?" Elysse laughs at me.

"It's algeb-..." I sleepily mumble, and then...

Wait, did my best friend just come back from the dead?

"-BRAAAAHHHHHH!" I scream, bolting out of my chair and falling to the floor.

"Miss. Azura, would you like to add to the Law of Conservation?" Professor asked me, narrowing his eyes at my sudden interruption. All my classmates were looking at me like a crazy woman.

I look at Elysse again, thinking that maybe it was an illusion or something was wrong with my glasses, but...

She was still there! And she did not smell like a decayed corpse but smelt like her everyday floral cologne!

"P-Professor, i-i-isn't she dead?" I shiver, pointing out to my best friend.

"Why, Miss. Azura , isn't that quite of a sick joke?" Professor stares at me coldly, as if I made a mistake.

My fellow classmates look at me like an idiot and muffled their laughter.

B-b-but... ElysseIS really dead, why won't they believe me?! Everyone including Professor visited her funeral and the Professor was crying his heart out! Is this a dream?

"Now Miss. Azura, I believe you should sit down instead of gaping at me like a total nincompoop." Professor stated blatantly. I slowly take my seat and still gape at Elysse.

M-Me?A nincompoop? Isn't professor the nincompoop for letting in a zombie in our class?

"Whoa, Agatha you looked like a fool out there." Elysse playfully punched my shoulder while muffling her giggles.

"You guys are crazy! And you're supposed to be at your tomb now! Yo-yo...YOU'RE DEAD!" I exclaim to her, waving my arms around.

"Gee, Aggie, you're so mean, do you want me dead that badly?" Elysse pouted at me, looking a bit hurt.

I stop. Maybe this whole 'Elysse Died' thing is a dream and I just had a really long nightmare. I should just enjoy my day with her.

"Y-Yeah, I'm sorry, I haven't been getting enough sleep lately. Maybe the insomnia got to me. Sorry if I hurt you in any way." I looked down, still doubting my theory.

I continue having class with her. It was like the normal days I used to have. But Elysse has gotten paler and thinner if I look at her. But her mischievous and loquacious personality hasn't faded by one bit.

I try different experiments like sleeping again, but I still see her there.

She really is alive again.

So I hugged her randomly

"What's with the hug? You don't do this usually?" She raised her eyebrows at me.

"Just feel like it." I say, releasing my grip on her.

During recess she pulled me aside and told me to spend recess with her other friends.

"C'mon, it'll be funnnnn!" She pleaded.

"N-no, go on, I don't know those people at all!" I say, blushing furiously.

I was never good at socializing with people.

Unlike Elysse, who was a social butterfly and made lot of friends.

"Hey El!"

"Ellie, wassup?"

"Elysse, who's the ginger?"

It's still strange that these group of people were also at her funeral crying but now they think like she's alive too.

Elysse smiles at her friends and introduces me.

"Hey guys, this is Agatha, or 'Aggie' for short and... She'll be joining us from now on!"

"H-Hello." I mumble quietly and wave at them.

"Dawwww!Such a cutie!"

"Welcome to the gang, 'Gatha!"

"Are you single?"

It's so strange how strangers care so much.

As the break passes, I feel like I have seen these people as my... 'friends'. We talk about random stuff and pass notes to each other during class.

"I told you it would be fun!" Elysse winks at me as she sticks her tongue out.

"Yeah I guess so." I smile at her as she messes my hair up.

Suddenly she looks at her wrist watch and frowns.

"Ah... Dismissal is almost near." She puts up a little smile.

"What do you mean? It's an hour more." I quizzically ask her.

"Hmm... Maybe I can borrow a few more minutes..." She mumbles to herself.

"Ellie, are you okay?" I reach out to hold her hand, but...

It was numb, it was cold, like a glacier, as if her temperature is 32 degrees or something.

I let go and she stares at me sadly.

"Oh, Aggie, everything will be fine! I promise you..." Her eyes watered as she embraces me tightly.

"I promise you." RIIIIIIING!

Dismissal time.

"Agatha, let's go home!"

" Hey 'Gatha, wait up!"

"Let's go home together."

"Alright guys!" I say a bit cheerily. I stare behind me to see Elysse, following us yet looking at the distance.

As my new friends and I talk to each other, I realized time passed and we found ourselves at the entrance.

And then I remembered something.

"Elysse!" I cried out, horrified.

"What's wrong, 'Gatha?" one of them asks.

"W-where's Elysse?" I ask, looking around from side to side, corner to corner.

She wasn't there.

"That's a pretty cruel joke, Agatha."

"Yeah! Remember she died 2 months ago!"

"You were the one who cried the loudest too! Heehee!"

W-What the heck?

Then who was the person I was with the whole time...?

"G-Guys, I need to go somewhere, I'll see you tomorrow!" I say with a bit less composure and run out the school gates.

"Bye 'Gatha, take care!"

I run, and run and run... Tripping on some stones, I stand up despite my bleeding knees.

My tears are running vertical streaks as I run toward the answer towards all my questions; the graveyard.

I enter hastily, it was afternoon. And I went to her tomb.

She was there, unmoving, dressed in a white satin dress with the red rose I gave her before she died.

I knelt down and cried. She was a mere illusion. A fragment of my mind. She never existed this day.

I sobbed endlessly and shook miserably until a voice called out,

"What are you crying for?"

It was Elysse.

I hug her legs but the problem was, I didn't feel it.

Because she was transparent.

She knelt down beside me and wiped my tears.

"I am thankful that God still gave me a day. He gave me borrowed time. And I'm glad..." She pressed my forehead against mine.

"... that I got to spend it with you, you're my best friend!" She smiles at me, tears falling down.

And then just like that, she disappeared.

I stand up a look to the blue clouds. And walk, further and further away.

2 months later...

"You know Ellie, they're really fun to hang out with." I talk to a tomb.

I tell Elysse about my years as a Senior.

"Hey Elysse?"

Of course she wouldn't respond.

"...Thank you."

And for a second, she responds,

"You're welcome, Aggie."