The Cure

I am convinced that there are two kinds of people in this world. There are those, those who make up the masses- who stare into the eye of the storm; and they see the danger. They see the risk. The evil. They see the big, flashing sign that reads- "Keep out. Danger. Go away." Then there are those- the few- and coincidently, the remembered. They stare into the eye of the storm and they think- "I wonder what's in there?" I am under the impression that those are the people who go down in history. For it is known that no one has ever been remembered for being anything less than extraordinary. Our kids do not learn about the ordinary desk-job worker in school; they learn about the revolutionaries. They learn about those who looked at the impossible and said to themselves, "I can do that." Now I am also sure of another fact. Those are the people our kids should be looking up to as role models. And, of course, when they are little, they are the people children look up to and aspire to be; right next to the superheroes kids see on TV.

Then a tragic thing happens; kids get older. They lose their imagination, and society takes its toll on them. No longer do they reason anything is possible. They begin to think that they will never be anything. Sub-par. Ordinary. Many people wonder why this is, but it doesn't take a genius to figure it out. It is society that does this. If kids want to have friends, and fit in, they must conform to society's "standards". They have to take all of their vast imagination and personality, the things that make them an individual, and they squish and cram them into this tiny, little box. That is depressing. If you have ever tried to fit something too large into a tiny box, you know you have two options. You can either throw things out, or you can get a bigger box.

The easier, and therefore chosen option, is to throw things out. Because who knows how hard it will be to find a new box? How much effort it will require? How long it will take? Instead of finding out the answers to these questions, the majority of people choose to throw things out. They keep the "important" things, and place them in the box. The "normal" or "practical" things. Not the things they care about. But, really, who is to say what is normal? Practical? Important? Who is telling people that to be accepted by society they need to like certain things? Look a certain way? Act and think like everyone else? Because of this we experience this disease. A disease that is spreading with each generation. More and more people become, in essence, the same person.

Our world is falling apart. There are more problems- more than there have ever been- and we do nothing. The issue with this century is that we have been cloning the human race. We no longer have original minds to come up with solutions. We have been making a world where the original are not welcome, the different are frowned upon, and variation is shunned. But that is going to change.

I do not concede to the fact that society wants me to fit into a box; label and categorize me. I am not a color. I am not a number. I am a human being, and no label anyone can think of will be able to describe me. No box that society can provide can contain me. So society and I are not in agreement. I will not be another clone. I refuse to accept the fact that I will be ordinary. I may be bullied now for being different. But I have my bigger box. And you know what? I fit in it.

Here's my message to you. Someday, I will be extraordinary, and I will not conform. I will be my own person; with my own thoughts, my own ideas. I may not be important now, but I know, in the future, I will be well known by many people. And you can join me. We will be known as the people, who, through their words, changed the thought process of the human race. The individuals who made it ok to be whoever you want to be. Because beauty, importance, and perfection is in the eye of the beholder, and that beholder is you. So be original, be whoever you want to be. Most importantly, don't let anyone treat you with less respect then you deserve. You are human, and you will ask, no, demand, to be treated as such. You are not a color. You are not a number. You most certainly cannot be labeled. You are an individual. You are important. And you are the cure to society's disease.