Sirens wailing

Red lights flashing

Screams lost in bright flames

The gray of the empty outskirts of Osaka

'Gotta keep running,'Mizunami Naoko thought between pants. The flames that had burned on her body had long since went out, and the humid air of the summer made the deep blisters sting, making her wince and her chest constrict. She limped on, dragging her broken leg behind her. Her world was spinning, but she kept her narrow baby blue eyes focused ahead, ignoring how her short black hair almost covered them as she moved.. 'Just a couple more blocks until I reach the hospital. I can do this.'

She held the fabric bundle in her arm close to her flat chest, trying to move quicker,'Hold on, Hideaki, We're almost there.' She panted deeper, her vision blacking out slowly. She tried to shake it off, but it only made her world spin faster. She slowly slumped down near a large house's wall, her vision enclosing in black as she held her baby brother closer to her chest. A small cry came from the child, and a small source of brightness flickered before Naoko heard,"Master! Mistress! Help!'

Then it all faded into blackness.

My name is Mizunami Naoko, and I just lost everything I had ever known.

A/N: This is just my prologue of 'Dear Obedient Child'. Here are the profile on Naoko:

Name: Mizunami (Later Naramaki) Naoko

Nickname: Ko-Kun, Mizunami-Chan, Mizuzu-nii, Nao-nii, and other formalities

Age: 15

Birthday: April 19th

Height/Weight: 5'7 and 120lbs

Physique: She is actually quite boyish in figure, with a flat, somewhat concave chest, narrow hips, broad shoulders, and tall height. She has nicely toned legs from all the running errands she did for her parents when they were alive. She used be teased for having a long neck with her tall height, all the girls would call her "Giraffe limbs"

Features: She looks a lot like her former father, with a somewhat pointed chin, a straight nose, narrow eyes, high cheekbones, pale skin and thin lips. However, her soft jawline, blue eyes, long eyelashes and black hair are purely her dead mothers. Because Naoko's hair is unreasonably thick, she keeps it short so its easy to comb. The front goes just below her eyebrows and it falls past her neck as it goes back. She has a mole under her right eye and has a habit of running her hands through her hair when shes thinking.

Personality: Naoko, like her name, is very honest, wise, and obedient. All of those traits, however, have a negative impact as well as a positive one. When she changes her gender, it will be hard for her to bite her tongue, as she was raised to always be honest to gain others trust. She can be a little blunt and can not sugar coat the reality of things, so its best left to someone else if thats what you want. Her wisdom is a great tool in her learning abilities, but sometimes she spends too much time thinking and reading to gain more. This puts an impact in her attention span, but she makes up for it in knowledge. Obedience is Naoko's strongest trait, as she does exactly what you want her to do at just the right amount. However, at moments, this can reveal her denseness from telling whats right and wrong. She's fairly innocent and naive, but once she learns, she won't forget. She can be Apathetic most of the time, but she knows what its like to be happy and smile. She is bisexual, because she learned not to discriminate between people and their views, and she started admiring girls in middle school.

Talents:Naoko is generally a tomboy who loves sports and track, but she is still good at cooking. She lacks the ability to draw, sew, or stay organized. She also sucks at the whole 'Girly' thing, so she falls into her male persona quite well. She sings fairly well, but cannot dance, which is rather hilarious.

Favorite Color: Maroon

Favorite Food(s): Nikujaga, Pizza

Favorite Book: Jar of Dreams by Yoshiko Uchida

Favorite Genre of Music: Metal, Punk, Underground

What they would want in a person: Intelligent, Elegant, and warm

AU job: A gym owner

When Hideaki grows up more, I will do his.