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"Nng... W-where am I?," Naoko groaned as she sat up in a soft bed- WAIT WHAT?

Her eyes immediately flew open and she swung her covers over her bed , not bothering to cover up as her chest was bandaged up, swinging her legs over with a small grunt and falling down. She looked at her leg, which had a cast over it. She started to pull her body forward, crawling towards a door on the right side of the room. A small, plump woman immediately ran into the room. Naoko stopped to look at her, taking in the wide, warm honey brown eyes, long, dark brown braided hair and the long dark blue maid's gown the woman wore.

"No, No, Dear, you shouldn't be moving in your condition!," She scolded in a smooth, light tone as she moved to help Naoko up. The way the woman's soft, warm hands helped Naoko up made her tear up. The woman smelled like warm cherry pies and coffee as Naoko leaned on her shoulder. The woman lightly frowned and wiped a tear from Naoko's eye,"Now, Now, whats wrong?"

"W-wheres my b-brother?," the wounded girl asked, licking her dry lips. The woman smiles as she helps the tall female on the bed,"The little angel is sleeping in the next room. You are a brave one, saving a young life when you yourself were injured." The woman pulled the covers back over Naoko with a smile,"I will tell the mistress that you have awaken. I will be back shortly. The woman ruffled the teen's hair and turned to leave.

"Whats your name, miss?," Naoko asked, curious about the motherly woman. The plump maid turned with a smile," Ade Mei. Just call me Mei-Chan, okay?" She turned again, walking out the door as Naoko looked at the maroon painted wall, admiring the white outlines along the top.

Soon footstepes moved closer down the hallways, making Naoko sit up with a wince. As soon as she did, a tall, elegant-looking blonde woman walked in, Mei behind her, as well as a girl as old as Naoko.

The elegant woman immediately rushed to Naoko's side, wrapping her arms around the young woman,"Oh, dear lad, are you okay? Are you still hurt? You are very brave, saving your little brother so valiently when you were hurt! I am sorry for your loss! I saw it on the news and knew it-"

"Oka-san, you are scaring the poor boy!," The girl Naoko's age scolded, tugging her mother off. The girl had long black curls pulled into a ponytail, wide, dark brown eyes, and her mother's face. She wore a purple button up top with black designer jeans and expensive custom vans. The mother herself was blonde, her hair curly as well, with wide set blue eyes, pale, almost translucent skin, and very soft, elegant features. She wore a very simple baby pink dress that reached her knees, with white flats and an older woman smiled, "Oh, where are my manners! My name is Naramaki Hitomi! This here is my daughter, Naramaki Misayo. Its a pleasure." Both mother and daughter bowed deeply.

Naoko smiled, "No please, I should be saying it to you, Naramaki-Sama. My name is Mizunami Naoko. Thank you so much for your hospitality, I will be sure to leave when I heal as soon as possi-" Wait... Poor BOY?


Hitomi shook her head,"Actually, I wanted to talk to you about that..." The tall blonde turned to her daughter, her smile not faltering, "Ay-chan, will you please excuse us? Mei-chan, you too?" The two females nodded before giving another bow and walking out of the room, closing the door behind them.

Hitomi paused for a minute before looking at Naoko, "I know you must be confused, but please understand, she didn't mean to insult you. She's just a bit... confused, because of your features." Naoko frowned, "Then how do you..."

Hitomi grinned, "Someone had to bandage you up. But beside the point, I have a deal for you." The blonde forigner moved across the room with such grace it seemed like she was floating. Naoko's eyes followed the woman as she moved to a closet, digging through a rack of clothes, "How well do you think you can play the part of a boy? Flirt with girls, Play sports, Arm wrestle, and such?"

Naoko blinked curiously,"W-well, I did a lot of that on a daily basis, but I don't see how it matters, Naramaki-S-"

"Then I have a proposition.," Hitomi cut in, pulling out a dress shirt, slacks, and a tie. She turned to Naoko with the clothes, making the teenage girl's eyes bulge. The mother smiled, "As you can see, I only have one child. My husband wants a male heir, but Misayo's birth had some... complications." A look of sorrow passed Hitomi's soft features, "We've been looking to adopt, but hence, he hasn't time since our hospital gained more business. I have prayed for years on someone to help. Then you appeared with the thing I dreamed for: A baby boy to raise."

"Ano... Why do I have to dress as a boy, then?," Naoko asked, head tilted in curiosity. Hitomi smiled with a small giggle,"You're so adorable, Ko-chan! Well, my husband, Yuu, needs someone a little older as well to teach. And I am sure you can provide that. If not, I'm afraid I can't just leave someone as little as that infant in someone so young's hands." She sighed and pressed her palm to her cheek, "So sad, no?"

Naoko's eyebrow twitched, So thats her bargining chip. Manipulative littl-

"So will you do it, Ko-chan?," Hitomi asked in her sweet voice, knowing she already won. Naoko sighed, throwing her blankets over her body, lifting her cast over her bed, and standing with the support of the wall, "Can I see my brother first?"

Hitomi's face lit up as she hugged the somewhat taller teen, "Yes please! Let me bathe and dress you first, Ko-chan!" Ugh, thats seriously starting to get annoying...

Naoko waited as Hitomi filled a tub with hot water and set up a sling so the cast didn't get wet. Soon the bandages and Naoko's scrub pants were moved to be washed. The bathroom soon smelled of manly musk and spring clovers as Naoko was lowered into the warm water, easing her stiff muscles. Hitomi left Naoko to wash up, the latter singing as she did so. Whenever Naoko called out for Hitomi, it seemed as though she was just outside the door.

Hitomi moved quick, helping Naoko out the tub with strong hands, quickly drying her with a towel and moving the boxers and slacks over the cast as if it were Naoko's leg itself. The shirt seemed to button itself and the tie was on before Naoko could dare to blink. Hitomi smiled and went back to the closet, finding a crutch.

As Naoko walked out the door after Hitomi messed with her short, thick black locks, she heard Misayo playing JAP by Abingdon Boys School through her closed door down the hallway and hummed along. The black haired heroine opened the door next to her own room, and low and behold, a cradle was set up nearby. Hideaki was looking around with wide, curious green eyes, taking in his new surroundings. Naoko wobbled over to the cradle and looked down at her two month old brother. She sighed and leaned on the cradle, stroking his cheek as he fussed a bit. 'This is for you, Otouto...'

"A handsome young boy, your brother is. Same with you to, my boy,"came a deep voice. Naoko looked towards the door, where an older man, by the looks in his late thrities, stood, dressed in a nice business suit. Naoko tilted her head as the man approached her. His black hair had a few gray strands from past stress, and his face held many wrinkles of wisdom already. His cinnamon brown eyes sparkled with youth still as he bowed before Naoko, "I have to thank you for your gift. As my wife must have told you, we have been praying for a son. Instead, we received two. My name is Naramaki Yuu."

Naoko blinked, "Naramaki Yuu..."

And heres Mei's profile. I'll admit, shes my personal favorite, but she won't show up much...:

Name: Ade Mei

Nickname: Mei-chan, Ade-chan, Mei-Sama, Mei-Nii

Age: 20

Birthday: September 16th

Height/Weight: 5'2 and 217lbs

Physique: Mei is a very small and soft woman, all warm and plush curves with beautiful belly rolls. Her name, meaning 'Plum', fits her physique as she is very plump, and is often looked down because of it. Nevertheless, she is very happy with her large hips and bosom.

Features: Along with her body, Mei has a very round face with plump, rosy cheeks. She has large honey brown eyes ,long eyelashes, and dark brown way hair reaches her waist when its down. However, its always up and away from her face. She has small, plump lips, a button nose, low cheekbones, and a dimpled smile. She has lots of freckles and slightly tanned skin from her gardening.

Personality: Mei was actually an illegitimate child, and the youngest daughter of 4. She was always picked on for her size, but grew patient because of it. She is very motherly and down to earth, her love and patience meeting apparently no end. However, she does have her moments where she forces her motherly rage on the household, and no one dares to disagree with her. Mei takes care of most of the household chores and cooking, even though shes a bit clumsy when it comes to balancing, so Misayo helps her. Mei only talks when spoken to or when you are doing something wrong. She is a wonderwall and a great mother figure to Hideaki,.

Talents: Mei likes to joke that you can never trust a skinny cook, and proves that statement right. Yuu states she's the best cook in the region, maybe even the country! She has a natural green thumb and is great at housework. She also has great tailoring abilities, as shown later on when she builds up Naoko's wardrobe. She has a lack of knowledge when it comes to sports and romance.

Favorite Color: Navy Blue

Favorite Food: Fried chicken wantons

Favorite book: Any kind of design book

Favorite Genre of Music: Jazz and Ragtime

What they would want in a person: Shy, Strong, and Creative

AU Job: Fashion Designer