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Alice checked her bag a final time, making sure she had everything she needed.

There were her toiletries, her hair products (strawberry shampoo, because Finn liked it when her hair smelled fruity and sweet), her clothes, her laptop, and, stuffed in the bottom of her suitcase, a box of extra large condoms purchased from drug store in addition to the lacy bras and panties she and Sarah had gotten at Victoria's Secret.

She zipped it up, her thoughts wandering to Finn, trying to imagine how he'd feel about the underwear, about what he'd say when he saw her in them.

She could feel her face heating up and as she stood she glanced at herself in the mirror.

Her face was fire-hydrant red, right down into the v of her dress. Blushing wasn't just about cute pink cheeks with Alice; it was a splotchy stain that spread from her face to her neck, and even her shoulders and ears.

Finn had advised her to wear something dressy because he was taking her to dinner, so she had worn one of the few evening dresses she owned (generally, she was more of a jeans and sweater kind of girl, and she owned only one pair of heels). The color was sky blue, and matched her skin well, but the dress fit awkwardly. It fit well in on her chest, although she wished her cleavage wasn't so exposed, but it pulled tightly across her stomach and thighs, creating unsightly bulges. She wore a pair of silver ballet flats, because in her heels the dress seemed too short. She was already too tall anyway.

Sighing, she turned away and slung her satchel around her shoulder before grabbing the handle of her suitcase and dragging it into the hall.

She felt a vibration in her bag and pulled out her phone, unlocking it. Finn had texted her.

Be there in 5, sorry Im running late

She texted him back, No problem :)

The stairs in the small two floor apartment she shared with her roommate led directly into the living/dining room. Sarah was sitting on the couch, working on something on her laptop. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she was wearing sweats and a hoodie. She glanced up as Alice came downstairs. Her eyes narrowed, and her lips quirked.

'Someone's getting fancy for Spring Break. Where's Finn taking you anyway?'

Alice shrugged modestly and smiled. 'To some hotel in New York. He won't tell me exactly where, but he keeps hinting that I'm going to like it.' She sat her suitcase by the door, then flopped on the couch beside Sarah.

'No doubt. Dude's ridiculously rich. You'll probably be somewhere really ritzy, like the Marriott or the Hilton or something.'

'Maybe. He said it would be someplace really special though, so who knows.'

There was a knock on the door, and Sarah muttered 'Speak of the devil.', before Alice walked over and opened it.

Finn stood there, looking like a prince out of a fairytale in an all white tux and holding a single rose. On another man, he might've looked ridiculous, maybe even like a pimp, but on Finn it looked classic and timeless. He smiled at her, and said 'Alice, you look lovely', and her heart skipped a beat. Suddenly, all of her insecurities, large and small, ceased to exist.

She stepped forward, stumbled and he caught her in his arms, wrapping her in a warm embrace. They were the same height (something that embarrassed her, although he didn't seem to mind), and she rested her cheek on his shoulder, breathing in the tangy and invigorating scent of his cologne.

'I love you.' He whispered the words into her ear, breath tickling her skin, and she shivered as he did.

She pulled back and looked into his eyes, which were dark blue like the ocean deeps. 'I love you too.'

She smiled, suddenly on the verge of tears, and he kissed her lightly before letting go of her. Everything was just so perfect. Here she was, awkward Alice Mitchel who worked part-time at Starbucks and went to community college, with the best boyfriend in the world. Sweet, handsome, intelligent (and, because she couldn't deny it, although she would've loved him just the same without the money) rich, Finn. And maybe Sarah and the rest of her friends were wary of him for some reason even they couldn't name; that was all right. While they worried, she'd be happy.

'Jeez, you guys are so sweet, you'll give each other cavities.' Alice started at the sound of Sarah's voice. Her roommate was standing in the doorway, holding the handle of her suitcase. She was trying to sound playful, but a brittle undercurrent in her voice made the comment awkward.

'Hey Sarah, how've you been.' Finn smiled at her, but she seemed find his casual question off-putting.

'Fine. But you didn't come her to make small talk with me, and I assume that you're leaving soon because your car's still on.' Alice glanced at the parking lot. Normally, Finn drove a more low key car, a white impala that was expensive but not overtly ostentatious. But tonight, he'd brought his other car, a white Rolls-Royce Phantom worth more depreciated than a year's salary at the coffee shop Alice worked in. Surrounded by Toyotas and Hondas from the early 2000's, it stuck out like an eagle in a flock of pigeons. It made her uncomfortable to look at such an expensive car, let alone ride in one, and when Finn had offered to let her drive it she'd refused before he'd even finished asking.

'Hah, guess you're right.' He walked up the three steps and retrieved Alice's bag from Sarah, then walked down and placed a hand at Alice's back. 'Ready to go?'

She grinned cheesily. 'I was born ready!' He laughed and ushered her towards his car, and while he put her bag in the trunk she slipped into the passenger seat and waved at Sarah from the open door. 'Bye, see you in a week!' Sarah waved back silently, a small frown on her face.

'Alice, are you sure-'Know what? Nevermind.' Before Alice could ask what was bothering her, Finn was standing by the passenger door, obscuring her view.

'Alice, could you put your feet inside? Wouldn't want to smash your toes toes.' She smiled and obliged, and Finn shut the door. Through the window she could still see Sarah, and as Finn pulled out of the parking lot she waved again.

Sarah didn't wave back.

They'd been driving for almost two hours before Alice finally asked Finn where they were going. Her legs were cramping, despite the luxurious comfort of the seat, and she needed to take a bathroom break. And wherever they were going, it definitely wasn't New York, like he'd told her; in truth they were driving south, towards Delaware. She was fine with him keeping the location vague in order to surprise her, but she didn't appreciate him flat out lying to her. She was also confused by the fact that he was driving away from civilization rather than towards it; they had long left the skyscrapers behind, and now as they drove through the deepening gloom Alice only caught sight of the occasional house or gas station.

'Finn, this isn't New York.' She spoke over the the low audio of the radio, tuned to some top 40 station that neither of them disliked enough to change.

'No, it's not.'

She frowned when he didn't say anything else. 'Where are we going then?'

'Down the rabbit hole.'

'That wasn't funny.' She said flatly, barely managing to keep a sliver of hurt out of her tone.

He seemed to sense it anyway, and he took one hand off the wheel and stroked her thigh.

''Sorry Alice, I wasn't trying to be mean.'

Once again, he stopped there, refusing to elaborate.

'Finn, why did you lie to me? You told me we were going to New York.'

'I didn't lie. I thought the hotel was in New York, until I received word otherwise. It's actually in Vermont.'

'How could you think a hotel was in the wrong state?' She blurted the question out incredulously, before she could stop herself. Finn didn't show any outward sign of annoyance, but he removed his hand from her thigh. She started to feel whiny, and ashamed. Like she was one of those annoying girlfriends who were always nagging their men, making a fuss over something that wasn't a big deal.

'It's less of a hotel, and more of a meeting place; an epicenter. The location of the venue doesn't really matter; it's what you do there that's important.'

He glanced away from the road and towards her. 'Any more questions?' His voice was light and teasing.

She shook her head, even though he'd already turned back to the road, and sunk a little lower in the seat.

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