This story takes place in the 1990's.

NOTE: This story is not from any other movie,book, show or any thing like it.

I made this story up myself.

Chapter ONE (Born My Way)

As usual, I was Born like any other child in this world. But, of course, there is always a catch. My mother died when I was born. My father left me. But he named me before he left. He named me Sara. I still bet you are wondering what was so peculiar with my rising. You see, I was born a Vampyre.

As an orphan, I was surviving on my own, killing animals, "eating" them. But someone found me. A young lady, with long hair, Thin body, green eyes, and blood. Duh, any human has blood, but her blood is different. Her blood has a werewolf scent to it.

"Ah my darling! it's so good to see you!" She says with her silky voice.

"You're a werewolf. Go away." I can tell she doesn't believe me. I slowly walk around her, not breaking my eyes away from hers.

"Oh Sara. You were always so territorial around people older than you."

"How do you know my name." Her voice is like razors to my ears.

"I've been sent to collect you and take you to Academy of Night'n'Dale. Now, Come along then. Then carriage is waiting!" She turns away from me and walks away. I had no idea There was an academy for, well, "US" in London.

While I collect my stuff from inside my hole, (I live in a hole underground so I wont be found. Ha! so much for that.) I examine the walls and contents inside. "Blankets, wood, stone, Picture- Wait, what?" I run over to the desk with the picture on it. "Is that my mother?"

"Yes it is. She looks just like you Sara." Well, there's that lady again.

"Whats your name, miss?" I ask in a curious voice.

"My name is lady Belvoura. I am the "Principle" of the Academy."

"What do you mean by "Principle?" Does it mean that you are a high priestess or something?" to be honest, I really don't know very much about the other world. I've been Isolated from everything and everyone.

"Yes. I am the High Preistess. Now, are you done collecting you things?"

"Almost. I just need to get my composition book and my other book." (My other book is a book with all my discoveries of species, plants, rocks, humans. it pretty much has all my findings of mythycal creatures.) After I grab them, I find my self being ushered to the door.

"Ok, Miss Sara, are you ready to begin?" I can't tell if she is ecxited or happy, as all I can see is a content look on her face.

"I-I think so. Umm, Lady Belvoura, What do I do in the Academy of Night'n'Dale? Do I just, You know, Learn stuff? Or is that like a house for us Dark children to live?"

"Precisley A house for you "Dark Children" to live in. We find that the less you know about the dark world, the safer you'll be. Alright Miss Sara? Now, tell me about your composition book. Or rather your Song book. Will you please?"

My face lightens up instantly. "Well, when I was little, I was wandering the streets aimlessly. Then I found a book shop. In the book shop, I found an empty book that said, "Songs". With a little help from a crowbar, I broke the glass and took it from the shelf. When I got far away, I started writing in it. Ever since then, i've been writing in it, and i've been singing. While I was there, I have got my other book too."

"Well I never! That was quite a story, Miss Sara." A look of suprise passes over her face. "Miss Sara, How old were you when you did that? and how old are you now?"

"I was 12 years of age when I did that, and right now, I'm about 20 years old. Why?"

"Hmm... 20 Years, Huh? well, i've never seen a born vampyre, so, You aren't going to age any more." I couldn't believe my ears.

"Really?! Are you sure?"

"Well, Sara, look on the bright side. You will stay young and gorgeous forever. Your beautiful long black hair will stay beautiful, and your strong body will stay strong, instead of going weak and frail." she almost looked as if she was remembering something of her past.

"Well, Miss Sara. we have pulled up to the Academy. Please exit the carriage."

When I step out, I am greeted with a burst cold energy, not that I could feel the cold. Anyways, the academy is huge. It's Rustic looking. Almost as if it was a castle... A castle that I recognize some how...

"Lady Belvoura, this is where I was born. Back in 1970, May 16, at 11:59 am."

"Miss Sara, your memory is incredible!" I truly see the amazment in her eyes.

"Uhhuh...Well, lets go inside." Trying to change the subject, I walk into the lobby of the Academy. It's bigger on the inside than the outside! meanwhile, a bunch of other vampyres come over to look at me.

"So this is the very first born Vampyre? Hmph. I thought she would be better than this." A look of distrust passes over each Vampyre's face. Though one of them stayed neutral.

That was rude..."Hello. My name is Sara. I am 20 years old. Nice to meet you all." I don't think these Vamp's like me.

Just then, a cute boy with dark brown hair spoke up."Hi Sara. My name is Damien. I am 27 Years old. The pleasure is all mine." Awkward...

And of course, the group of Vamps decided to speak up to. But not in a good way.

"Ha! Damien likes her!" Said a Vampyre girl with light brown hair.

"Damien already has a girlfriend. Remember?" Says a guy with blue eyes.

"Well, he could dump her!" They all say that at the same time.

"STOP!" And, that was me.

"Shut up! leave the kid alone. He was being polite, as if you ever knew what THAT is." And on that note, I stomp away, Leaving behind all the dumbfounded Vampyres in my wake, pondering the thought of what "polite" meant.

As I walk, I look for my room. "Hmm, room 1990. Wait, 1990? Jeez... how coincidental." At last, I found it. It's a very big room, with a dark red carpet and dark brown walls. there is a medium sized bed in the middle of the far wall with a nice roan red side table that has a lamp and an alarm clock on it. As I look around my room I notice that this room has its own kitchen and bathroom.

"Oh my goddess! this is the best room ever!" I run over to the over-sized bookshelf and I quickly put my books on the top shelf.

"Are you ever lucky." That sounded like Damien. When I turn around, I see Damien walk over to me.

"Hey Damien, I am so sorry I-"

"Hey, It's ok Sara. Besides, they were speaking the truth."

Omygosh! did he seriously just say that? No he didn't. Did he? i'll have to ask him.

"umm.. did you just say that? 'Cause I-I need to get to know you first." I really do like him, I really do, I just need to learn more about him.

"Of course Miss Sara. I will wait." He then smiles and walks away.

"Whew." That was close. Hmm... That bed of mine look comfy. I think go to sleep.

I then walk to the drawer, take out pajamas, put them on, and fell into the bed. "Mmmm, Memory foam." I then Drift off into sleep. "Goodnight."