Of Beauty And Her Beast

She was beautiful,
And they said that she
Was "beauty" personified,
With her angel eyes
And golden hair.

But a Beast lingered inside her,
And made her heart his home.
Once he had corrupted it,
Robbed it of its innocence
And rendered it useless,
He moved, so silent in the dark
He fled to her eyes,
Where the clarity, and reality, became somewhat
Slowly at first did the blue of her eyes begin to fade,
Then faster and faster, becoming the most vivid green.

And then on! On to her mouth
Where the Beast twisted her words
And broke her voice.

They all noticed the changes
Occurring in her.
They asked her:
"Dearest Beauty! What evil has befallen you?"
"You've lost your voice, your eyes of blue!"
"Where have they gone, oh Beauty dear?"
"Why don't you answer us? Can't you hear?"

And no.
Alas she could no longer hear their words,
For the Beast had spread now
To her ears.
And he crooned to her,
Spoon-fed her lies and deceit.
He told her they said that she was ugly,
That her words were cruel and her eyes harsh.
And she tore at her face and wept bitterly
Through those battered green orbs
That had seen enough of the world.

Her universe turned red
As she locked it away.