Hey guys! I'm back with another short story! :D Just remember to comment plzzzzz TT^TT I feel so sad whenever people read my story and don't comment on it... So enjoy! Also tell me if I made any mistakes in it so I can get better at writing. :D

"Life isn't fair.." I muttered to myself as I shifted and stared at the blank piece of paper in front of my. The spunk of my creativity has gone out once more and ins't in any mood to come back. I sighed and scruffed(is that a word?) my hair back. This always seemed to happen when I wanted to write. Its silly and quite annoying.

"Why me?!" I yell at myself while giving myself a mental kick. That stupid, worthless wall was back, and I was about to loose it and break it down forcefully. I shifted to the left and kept thinking-hoping I would get an idea. I sighed as I realized that that was never going to happen. The wall was pretty tall, and it help a lot of capacity. I sighed once more and rolled over-which caused me to fal off my bed.

"Ughhhhhh!" I yelled breaking finally. "This is useless!" I yelled as I got up and picked up my piece of paper. This blank piece of paper, this paper with nothin on it was teasing me! It was mocking me through secret messages which I picked up on. HAHAHAHAHA You'll never write on me! it mocked and I swear I saw I troll face appear on it! Out of anger I picked it up and ripped it into miniscule pieces while muttering "That's what you get you little troll demon!"

Once I finished venting my anger and frustration on the poor dead piece of a tree I looked at my pencil quickly. I smilied in victory as that wall was finally broken down and all the prisioners were escaping into my brain. "PERFECT!" I yelled with enthusiasm. "Now where's that packet of paper I bought?" I said while going through my bags. My eyes stopped looking and I looked at the remains of the paper I shredded not too long ago. My smile disappeared when it hit me-that was my last piece of paper.

lol what do you think? Pretty ironic eh? Well this is what happens when your in CA and your bored out of your mind WHILE you hace aritist block(that's when you can't think of anything to do that creative. Includes drawing) Yea... writing this story was horrible-credit to my friend who kept bugging me when I finally got my mo-jo back. She ruined it btw, it took a lot of will power to finish it XD