I was in the middle if typing a sentence when a terrible ache overcame my forehead. I closed my eyes and got a sip of water from my kitty mug. This finance report has to be done by tomorrow or I'm toast!

Shaking my head, forcing the headache to go away, I found that my stupid laptop had opened some random files. No matter what I did, my boss would never let me bring my work computer home. But there I was, 7:00 at night, trying to finish a stupid report, all alone in our little apartment. Well, alone except for Grace, our Beagle. David wasn't home yet.

When I saw the files my laptop had opened, I grinned instantly. It was a file of pictures from my phone in high school, almost eight years ago. I saw pictures of my friends and I at camp, pictures of my town, our pool, my brother, and David. It was him. That was ten years ago. Crazy to think. Nobody thought it would really work out. But the fact that it did is still unreal to me.

I look at one picture of him I took. And I remember taking it too. He was blowing me a kiss, one leg in the air. We were all laughing. It was homecoming night. We were all dancing. One particularly dancy song came on, one that I didn't know, so I just watched him do the dance by heart. When I got out my phone to take the picture, I wondered what I was going to think of it years from now when I found it again.

So what do I think? Tickled pink is an understatement. What I remember most about that moment was that giggle and smile that was on my face the whole time, this look of enchantment. It was coming back just remembering it. And after that song, they began to play a slow song, called Marry Dreamer. "She's a merry dreamer, and one day, I'm going to marry that dreamer," Went the song. How do I remember that so clearly?

In the back of my mind, I heard the beginning of the song, sitting there in my dark little living room. But ever so slowly, it seemed to get louder and louder, becoming real. Suddenly, I looked up from that picture of David blowing a kiss on my laptop to see David blowing me a kiss, on leg in the air, two feet in front of me. A smile crept onto my face. The song continued. Trying to be funny, he dramatically lip synced the words. It worked, because I started laughing.

I looked down at my laptop, and up at David, over and over again, I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear. And I thanked God for this moment, this miracle of love.

Some love really lasts.

And they said we were just high school sweethearts. We proved them wrong.

At a pause in the music, which was coming from the speaker in the kitchen, I heard David say,

"I'm sorry I'm late tonight. May I have this dance?"

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