A Kiss to an Angel's Tears

A new world, the old world. The tears of a little child that struggles against a vow that cannot be forgiven. The freedom in the wings of a half angel, which cannot fly anymore because of the chains around its neck, just like Prometheus. Chains made of its own blood and sadness. That sadness that gave to the world a paradise of fire. Pandora, the little girl, who opened the forbidden box of pleasures, and for the laughs of fate, it gave this empty world a meaning to why. A creasy vow with a black angel, who crushed in this earth long ago and is now living as a fallen one. If I could touch those unhappy feathers, I would love to make a promise for my self-satisfaction without looking behind to see who was wanting for me to be back or gone forever. The starry sky which could have been surrounding me, I didn't notice that. That the sky was crying, its moon was gone and there were only stars shooting a sad lullaby for myself that was sleeping in sorrow, in the pitch black of my deadly broken heart. I was still longing for something that I didn't even notice that sadness that was looking at my past road, the road that even I don't dare to look. It was still there, waiting… the only thing that actually was waiting for me to be back so it could tease me again. I couldn't see it, it was raining or at least that's what I thought. I was blind, so I didn't know the sky was empty. Even the rain's drops were gone. So why was it that while making that blind promise, I thought it was raining hardly? Was my heart really that lonely that I was imagination a storm of rain? Than moment the shadows opened, with them my eyes too. I was in the shadows and they were in me, outside me, even surrounding me in every nanometers. It was so obvious, so why didn't I think about it before? The loneliness had made me blind, not my sorrow. I wasn't truly in pain, I was standing still looking out for each movement that could have been released in the air. I just didn't know other, that made me not notice words I slowly whispered and to whom I spoke those low spirits words. From the very beginning it wasn't only for me. It was extremely close I couldn't even see it. Ah, so simple and pure. Those eyes that sounded like the rain, those tears that sounded like my heart shattering away, and the warmth was given off so I could capture it. With all those things that were only mine, I made that promise full heartedly and impressed it with a kiss to my angel's tears. For something I was never truly alone, it was there watching me staying still, not even a muscle was moving so I wouldn't notice its pain. The one in pain, it wasn't me, it was it. Because I knew my sorrow, I didn't pain, but it was the one peeping my sorrow the who sank in pain. And it was me the one who gave it the misery tears flowing through its cheeks. In that moment I was happy seeing him cry, so much I could make this one eternal promise.

°If you let me touch your feathers, I'll give you my love. As long as you cry I'll be happy, because those tears are only for me. I'll free you from my chains, and learn so one day when I come back I can teach you the thing that can make you smile again. And again I'll kiss your tears of angel, and take that smile as my own.°

This was something special from me. If you understood it and thought it was gorgeous, I'll be really happy. If not, bad for you. It was a feeling of somewhat loneliness and love, ah and that angel is the dead lover who is now gone, for them who didn't understand. You are still alive and empty, and the fallen is dead and lonely. You can't go on anymore so you made this promise, so you can see the light that is now long gone. If you have ever lost someone, I'm really sorry and somehow happy, because you didn't go with it, you stayed so you could live for both of you. Enjoy what you have now, because one day it will be all gone. After death the only thing that can remain is the memory of your dead body. You can't possibly feel anymore pain or sorrow, you can't call it in your dreams anymore. Now it is as it didn't really exist in the past, and will never exist in the near future.