Snow White's Apple

"Have you ever wanted to be in a fairytale? Have you ever mistaken the fairytale for the reality? Have you ever dreamed of your white prince in the shinny armor? Or for your sleepy beauty on the top of a high tower? Well yeah, all children dream about something like this, I guess."

Everyone who was at least once in its mind a little child have dreamed about its own fairytale. And if you had a grandma when you was young, she should have told you about the bitter sweet tale of the pure Snow White that was painted in a dust dream of bitter tears that was created by a juicy red apple taken from the tree of jealousy that the witch cultivated with hatred all along. Isn't that just cruel? Well that's what a fairytale is about, unrealized dreams that everyone of us want in the depth of our hearts. In that part of your heart that light cannot reach the abyss of our desire, that just grows stronger each passing bite. Snow white wanted to be with the prince, one of her desires, that so gladly accepted the poisoned apple. Our dreams can make us take the wrong choices, that can cause us a heart disease from which we can't escape so easily, even thought others told us that it was wrong. The bible has a perfect example of the forbidden fruit, the story of Adam and Eve. Just like Snow white, she ate the fruit that god screamed not to eat. Eve went across God's words directly to the Devil's fangs. The irrevocable mistake that took from them the so normal paradise that they have lived it until that precisely moment. But Snow white had her happy ending, like every princess after all. That's exactly what we so much are looking for. a happy ending, but the very end is the finish point of our lives. More than a fairytale, is like a strategy game, every each of us have its own strategy in their minds. We have a brain, even thought we look like idiots. Don't judge a book from it's cover, that would be a howler, very big mistake. Yeah, something like that!

In this essay, I wanted you to know the feeling of ambitious in finding the simplest think that is so hard to achieve. I love peoples who know what they want and how to get there, they always have some kind of charm, so determined. But also I kind of think that more interesting are the ones that want to do more than one thing, and have no idea how to do those things, so easy mind. They make me want to tease them a little bit, just to see their response and facial expression. So cute! What about me? What person do you think I am? Well, I don't know what you think about me, but I know that I'm like those that are in the middle. I am the someone who knows what they want, and have more than one way to do it, and do you know what they or I think? I think about which of the ways will be the funnier. Does this makes you sick, like somewhat you think that I like playing with my and others life, or just that this makes me easymided too? Who knows, you not for sure. I love talking with you like this. Do you want to know why? Because like this you cannot give me your answers, so in this little world of mine, only my thoughts matters. You can't give an answer that I don't like, either you can be as foolish as give an answer completely egoistic. Okay, I can accept it, if you say that the egoist here is me that don't want your answer. Fool, I don't even care about your answer. What do you think, that I have to hear whatever you say? Ha ha ha, so idiotic! So funny! Now listen here you can say "who am I to speak?", then I'll answer "who are you to tell me not to speak? you have no rights here, I'm selfish because I am, can you change me, tell me someone who can, to me that thinks whatsoever about life and with a crazy ambitious in my head to govern all over the world, so I am asking you, WHO AM I?" That's exactly what ambitious is about. Ah you have never felt this, is some kind of freedom that allows you to think whatever you want, and if you have guts, you can do it. Umm, yeah it needs courage, self-believe, and a little of egoism. You ought to have more than one face to realize your more unbearable dream. The world has change, so have the peoples in it. Trust is something very valuable, and is very hard to earn. But I'm going to talk about trust in another time, for now this is enough. Live peacefully in that little fairytale of yours and do your best to achieve your egoistic happy ending, if you can…