Aura groaned as she dragged herself out of her bed, untangling herself from the blankets as a rush of memories from the previous night made her feel nauseous.

"You're finally awake." A quite voice spoke up from the doorway. She glanced up to the owner of the voice, Kai, who held a small yellow cup in his hand. She groaned louder, tilting her head far back until it reached the headboard. She motioned him to come closer. He softly padded towards her, careful not to make more noise than necessarily. A few centimeters away from her, he shoved out the cup in front of her.

She lethargically took it from him, making sure no extra contact was initiated. She looked down at the cream colored liquid and furrowed her eyebrows in distaste before she quickly gulped it down in one motion. She gagged at the taste, like a mixture of Advil and cough syrup. She whipped her mouth with the back of hand before she set down the cup on blankets. She looked up at Kai and finally spoke up, "What happened last night?"

Kai peered back at her with his void eyes, "Nothing much. I just carried you home." Aura wasn't too happy with his short remark; it irked her to no end how apathetic her brother could be sometimes. "Are you doing anything today?" Kai suddenly broke the silence between them. She stared at him amazed and surprised, this was the first time he had bothered to spend time with her. Musing at what she was going to say, she prolonged the silence that it made Kai shift nervously. He broke in again, "It's not anything important, just wanted to know."

She glanced up at him, a little jolted that he had broken her train of thoughts. She looked out the window at the people on the street. From the corner of her eyes, she could tell Kai was fidgeting. "Yeah, I've got to go to work, it gets pretty messy when I'm not there."

Kai looked away in disappointment and slowly backed out of the room, finding no purpose to be in his sister's room anymore. He walked out. Aura looked at his back as he walked away, regretting that her chance to make up to her brother slip away. She felt sick again as she cradled her head in her arms, alone.