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"We're moving." She said.

Those were the most dreaded words in my life. "We're moving" always has been the worst. Those words had started up my feelings about moving. They had implanted the first feelings of mistrust in my heart. And believe me, I mistrusted alot. My parents had said that moving here was the last move we would have to make. I mistrusted them, and now with that awful phrase, my conscience was telling me "See, you were right not to trust them. They lied to you, you DO have to move again."

Barely managing to keep my tears at bay, I squeaked out "Where?"

"We don't know," my dad replied "but we should know more about it in February."

I glanced over to my brother Chris. He was currently texting on his phone, as if he hadn't even heard the awful news. But then again, my brother never really cared if we moved. Secretly, I think he liked it. Starting over in a new place, new opportunities, new friends, new teachers.

"Can I tell my friends about this?" I asked.

"Yes, of course you can." My mom said.

"I'm going to go finish my homework." I said as I slowly walked out of the room. But as soon as I turned the corner of my parent's room, I broke into silent tears. Quickly running up the stairs, and bolting to my room, I closed the door, and dissolved into the millions of fluffy blankets that over crowded my bed.

Quickly, my silent tears turned into loud and uncontrollable ones. Getting up and plugging my phone into my alarm clock, I quickly turned on my music, and held down the volume. Finally, with the music load enough to drown out my sobs, I fled to my bed, and disappeared under my mountain of blankets.

Slowly as I began to calm down, I started to remember the other moves that my family had made.

My dad is a Preacher for the Methodist church. So, like most Preachers, our family moved a lot. When I was five, we moved into a town called Humble. I essentially grew up there.

I had gone to kindergarten at Northbrook and my brother had been in first grade. Northbrook was at least 30 minutes from my house, but my mom was a first grade teacher there.

My brother moved to the school closer to our house, Tailwood, in the middle of the year. The next year, I followed him.

All throughout elementary school, I never thought about moving. I got my brother's old teachers, and I had the same friends.

Then in fifth grade, I was introduced to the worst phrase in the human language, the phrase that started it all.

"We're going to move."

That phrase blew my world apart. While my friends were choosing their first year of middle school electives, I was stuck on the sidelines, worrying about if I would even get to choose new classes. While my friends were dreaming about how they would get to choose where they got to sit in the cafeteria in 6th grade, I was worrying about if I would have anyone to even sit next to at lunch.

When we did move, I was devastated, and scared. We were now part of a 200-member church. It was easy remembering who the people were at my old church, but now it was near impossible.

I did make friends with two girls in my grade. My first activity with my new sixth grade church group was to a water park. Sarah and Eliza were best friends, and although they didn't have to, they sort of took me under their wings, and talked with me and made me enjoy my day with them.

On the first day of middle school, I had two friends to sit at lunch with, and eventually, I left their nest, and found some non-church friends.

When there was about one month left of 6th grade, my parents took my brother and I outside, and sat us down. There, they told me that phrase that I hated. "We're moving!"

Yet again I was forced to think about who I would sit with at lunch, and who I would be friends with, or if I would even have friends.

One week after school let out, my family and I were on our way to a new place, a new school, and a different church.

The first day of 7th grade came, and I went to my new school. My first day of school had been fine, the teachers had told us were to sit for the first day, so I didn't have to worry about that. The second day was different. My schedule had been changed.

My classes had been re-arranged, but the only new class was my math class. As soon as I shyly walked into 4th period algebra, I was scared. The kids were all abnormally bigger than me, and as I learned through the first 3 days of that class, they were all VERY smart compared to me.

It was only the 4th day of school, and I was already confused on the homework that my teacher Mrs. Kent had given us. I was so confused that I had a panic attack while my dad explained the homework. The next day, per my dad's instructions, I went to my teacher, and told her that I had no idea what was going on, Mrs. Kent then began to question me about what I did not understand. Soon she began to realize what had happened. She led me to the front office, explaining that I had not taken Pre-Algebra, so I should not even be in her class. I had been so relieved to find out that I wasn't as incompetent as I had felt. I was quickly placed into my real math class.

My new 4th period had kids relatively my size, and relatively they were as smart as me. I quickly made friends with a new group of people.

7th grade passed, as did the summer, and then I started 8th grade.

At the beginning of this year, I was a little worried. My brother was now in high school, so I wouldn't have anyone to sit on the bus with, and I wouldn't be able to hug him in the hallways when I saw him.

But as I entered my classes that day, and saw my friends, I soon forgot about that.

This year, I was back in Algebra, and I was happy to find out that when I walked into first period Mrs. Kent, I understood what was going on.

As Mrs. Kent called role, I found out that one of my good friends Nate was in that class. Nate could be compared to a class clown on steroids. He was about 5 foot 7, about two inches taller than me. He had dark eyes and hair, and although he looked white, he was Hispanic. Nate was awesome at skateboarding, and was a really good actor in theatre arts.

As soon as Mrs. Kent called my name for role, his head shot up and he turned to me. Smiling, and yelling across the room, he commented on how he hadn't known I was in that class.

After a sharp glare from our new teacher, he quieted down, and continued to make silly faces at me as she finished with the roll.

I had been glad that he had quieted down, because I got to hear Mrs. Kent call out my other friend's names. Krista, Olivia, and Sean.

Krista and Sean were shorter than me. About the same size, they were about 5 feet tall. But I am pretty sure Sean is at least an inch taller.

Krista has dark hair and eyes. And with her small frame and agility, she was awesome at gymnastics. I wont be surprised if I see her at the Olympics one day. Krista is kind of serious, but she can be fun.

Sean has dark hair and eyes as well as chocolate milk colored skin. He was lazy, but he still gets good grades. Sean is a good actor, but not as good as Nate. The only person as good as Nate, is Olivia.

Olivia is taller than me, with dark hair, and pretty, light green eyes. Olivia and I are a lot alike. We both like to read, we both work hard for our grades, and we both like acting.

Well anyway, after first period, Nate, Olivia, Krista and I trekked upstairs to U.S history with Mrs. Hernandez. When we got in to class, Amber and Hazel were sitting in the desks, saving our seats.

Amber, Hazel and I are about the same height, and we all have about the same skin color. While I had shoulder length blond hair, Amber had mid-back dark brown hair, and Hazel had waist level wavy blond hair.

Amber was awesome at soccer! She wants to be a pro soccer player when she grows up. I kind of envied her athleticism. I have no coordination to speak of. Amber is as proud to be Egyptian as she is to be American. Amber is also really good at art. The best thing about Amber, is, she is one of the first people I tell important things to. She understands me the best, and she is always giving me good advice. Another plus is, she doesn't get mad at me very often. In fact, I don't think she has ever been mad at me. She understands that I don't really think before I speak, she knows that although I read at an above twelfth grade level, I am not the best speller (in fact, I think I'm the worst speller there is) and she doesn't expect me to be anyone I'm not.

Hazel is sporty, and an awesome fashion designer. Hazel prides herself in being a Canadian; she even has a cat named Maple, after the Maple leaf of Canada. Hazel has really pretty handwriting, and has the prettiest hair. I am very envious of her awesome hair, through a rash decision, I had cut my hair, so now instead of shoulder length, it was mid-neck length.

Well, at the end of 2nd period, I moved onto 3rd with Olivia and Amber. The three of us walked around the corner to Mr. Hall's Business class. Every 8th grader had to take it, but luckily it was only one semester. Our friend Jack was in the class with us.

Slightly overweight, Jack was taller than me. He had light brown eyes, and dark brown hair. Jack, although a dear friend of ours, was a complainer. He hated school, hated reading, and had a lot of disagreements with other people. I'm pretty sure that the only reason he was our friend, was so that he would have some people who was supposed to listen to his complaints and take his side in disagreements.

4th period was Language Arts with .

Nate and Krista were both in that class. Like last year, we would have lunch in this period.

5th period was science with Mr. Silver. Olivia, Krista, Jack, Hazel, and my other friend April were in that class with me.

April was a short Asian girl, with short hair. She liked reading, although she wasn't as quick as me. She was awesome at science, but she was in regular math. We acted like sisters most of the time. We didn't fight, but we weren't as close as Amber and I were. If April is my sister, than Amber has to be my twin.

I moved on to Spanish with Mr. Trotter. Krista and I had the same class.

Then, 7th period. 7th period is my favorite period. Theatre Arts 2. It's like the Pre-AP version of Theatre Arts. Krista, Olivia, Amber, Hazel, Nate, and Sean all had theatre with me. Our teacher, Ms. Spring, is the best theatre teacher ever!

At the start of the year, Ms. Trotter started Spanish Club again. Spanish Club is a club that learned about the Hispanic culture. Every meeting we learned about a holiday, or custom, and ate and drank a traditional Hispanic food. Ms. Trotter made me the Treasurer of the club, so I became an officer.

School has been going on for at least 3 months. I have already finished a fundraiser for the club, I have gone to the mall several times with my friends, and I am already struggling with algebra.

Halloween is next week, and Hazel and I are going trick-or-treating together.

As I lay in bed, now completely free of tears, I realize that when I move, I wont go to school and see these guys. I wont go to the mall with Hazel, and get excited when Forever 21 has a sale. Amber and I wont go to each other's houses to watch movies and then go outside to kick a soccer ball around. I wont get to joke around with Nate, or act with Olivia. I wont get to be tired of taking Jack's side, or watch as Krista does backflips after school. I will not be able to whack my friends with the latest book I'm reading. I wont get to stick up for April anymore when someone bigger than her is mean. I wont get to go to high school with my friends, or get our drivers licenses together. I will not be able to make fun of my friends' first serious boyfriends. I wont have my Sweet 16 here, or go to prom here. I wont get to apply to the same collages as my friends.

With this realization, I burst back into tears, and sink back into my covers. The sounds of Coldplay and Michel B├╣ble quieted my tears, and lulled me to sleep.