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Bob walked through the hallway in his high school. He stood not noticed, likely due to the fact that he was not popular, and the halls being empty. His long red hair was tied up into a pony tail. His green eyes covered by a broken pair of owl-rimmed glasses. He had Pokémon cards in his hands and a huge backpack in the other. He was not someone you would think could be cool and interesting. But that was all a disguise. He was a new agent for the S.S.A.P. or the Super-Secret Agent Program. Bob's real name was Nicko Hall. He was under cover, trying to find Eniale, the person who would teach angel and him how to be a better spy than they already were.

As he stalked the empty hallways, he spotted a paper crumpled by a locker. He rushed over to see if it was his missing math homework. But instead he found a message. A message that could only mean one thing, there was an enemy spy in the school. He read the note a second time, shoved it into his pocket, then quickly texted his partner Angel.

Within 5 minutes Angel(in a fake black wig, and a very fake, but very real looking scar across his face) and a girl walked into the hallway.

"This is Eniale" he said.

"Hi I'm Nicko,"

"Ya I know. Can you guys follow me; I'll take you somewhere we can talk."

She led the boys silently through the hallways, until…

"Man, it looks like no one has cleaned this side of the school in like, a long time." Angel commented.

"That's because no one has. Since they built the new wing, no one has used this side in 25 years," She hesitated, "Well… some of us still use it."

They turned a corner and they saw the new wing and headed towards the cafeteria.

"Where are we going?" Angel attempted to whisper to Nicko

"How am I supposed to know?" Nicko shot back.

"Sheesh, would you guys shut up?" Eniale's impatience beginning to show.

"Then would you tell us where we're going!?" The boys almost yelled.

"I'll tell you when you get QUIET."

"Fine." they grumbled.

"Fine." she echoed.

They rounded the corner and walked into the janitor's closet.

"Why the heck…" Nicko questioned.

"Just wait."

The boys sat silently, waiting. Eniale moved to the back closet, and then swiftly moved the cabinet. She put her hand on a small screen. A computerized voice claimed, "Agent identified"

A door in the side of the other wall silently slid open and they all walked in. She motioned them to stop. She sat down on the only piece of furniture in the blank white room. A scanner that you would see at Wal-Mart, popped out of the wall. Without a sound she pulled down her sock and scanned her ankle. To the boy's utter surprise, she had a tattoo on her right ankle. Gold phoenix's seemed to soar around her ankle their tail burning in the process.

An unseen door slid open. Eniale stood up and walked in. as the boys slipped in behind her, she turned to look at them. She smiled; the smile reached her silvery blue eyes.

"Welcome, to the S.S.A.P school headquarters."