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Chapter 2

The boys looked around in wonder. There were stairs leading down to the main floor of the room. A big table occupied the floor. Computers lined the walls. And a big weapon case was locked up on the far left wall. Just beside that room was what looked to be a karate dojo. On the other side there was a room that had a few couches, a big table, and a big screen. In the middle of the room was a tall Hawaiian boy, who looked to be 17 or 18. The boy laughed and said "Haaaay Meagan.

Eniale responded "Haaaay Tyler."

"I thought your name was Eniale." said Nicko.

The boy who must have been Tyler cut Nicko off.

"Meagan was her real name, then, to keep THEM from finding her, her father changed her name." Tyler explained, but the way he said "them" threw Nicko off.

"Them?" he looked from Tyler to Eniale then back again. "Who's them?"

Eniale sighed, "Tyler was talking about our enemies. They are part of the Super Evil Agent Program, or as we call it S.E.A.P."

"Yup" Tyler continued, "they seep their evilness into everyone they met and everywhere they go."

"Why are we enemies?" Nicko questioned.

"Duh, were secret agents, every secret agent has an arch-nemesis!" Angel informed.

Laughing, Eniale corrected, "No Angel, that is not the answer, but I do think that is a pattern in this line of work."

Then in a pleading voice Eniale asked, "Tyler, will you please tell them the story? I don't think I can remember it all."

"Welllll, I guess so," Tyler said slowly. And with that he began.

"It all started at Greece, in 1706. A rich duke's family had just lost all their money and land. Now the duke's name was Christopher, his wife's name was Agatha. The couple had given birth to twins when they still had wealth. They named them after the Gods Zeus and Poseidon. Although they were twins, they neither looked nor acted alike. At an early age there was a big difference in them, but the two boys loved each other and put their differences aside. For their 17 birthday, the boys got a tattoo. Each boy chose a different animal to be tattooed on them. Zeus got a lion cub circling his upper left arm, while his brother, not wishing to copy his older brother, got a phoenix tattooed circling his right ankle.

When the boys got to be 18 their father asked them to find money, as the family was still very poor. The older brother Zeus decided that to make his father proud, he would steal a valuable painting that a wealthy man wanted, but could neither persuade nor buy the painting off the man who had it. If he succeeded, than the family would have enough money to live lavishly for the rest of their lives.

While the youngest brother Poseidon decided to work. He would get paid enough money for their family to live on for a year, if he just guarded one thing. So that night both brothers set out to do the things they needed to do.

Poseidon arrived at the man's house early, and thankful that Poseidon had come early, the man shared his dinner with him. Although Poseidon was offered, he refrained from the drink he was offered, saying he wished to be clear minded that night, if by chance anyone were to steal what he was guarding. The man agreed and was thankful he had found such a thoughtful man to guard his priceless treasure.

Zeus as well arrived early at his bosses' house and the man was happy that Zeus came early. So they ate together. The man offered Zeus some drink and Zeus gladly took it. Soon they were both drunk. However Zeus eventually went on his way to steal the painting.

He arrived at midnight and quickly breaking the door to the art house, he staggered inside. He came to the room that held the painting. He saw the painting, and in his drunkenness he forgot to look for guards. For, sitting in the door way was Poseidon. In the darkness, Poseidon got his brother to the ground and tied him up. He dragged thief over to the corner, then he lit a lamp.

When he saw his brother's confused face, he thought he had told his brother were he would be, and in his brothers drunk state, he had come to see his him at work. Poseidon felt bad for Zeus and quickly released him.

After Poseidon had given Zeus a plant that erased drunkenness, he sent his brother on his way, but his brother returned, and quickly before Poseidon could react, Zeus leaped over him, grabbed the painting, and dashed out the door. Poseidon ran after him and, although he was not the faster of the two, he quickly caught up to his brother and wrestled him to the ground. Then quickly returned the painting to the man. The next morning he went home with a great deal of money, more so than he was promised.

The father was so proud of Poseidon that he made him the inheritor of the estates, over his older brother. He gave his thanks and praised his son.

Their father, however, was ashamed with his oldest son. He told his son that no one could make a living by stealing. Zeus disagreed with his father and, he vowed that he would prove his father wrong. Meanwhile Poseidon decided to stop all thieves. And thus, each brother gathered followers and the two groups came into existence."

Nicko and Angel stared at each other. Then angel asked "So we are part of an ancient fight between two moronic brothers. "

"Well," Eniale said, "if you put it like then, than yes."

Tyler stood up and then in a happy voice, he spoke "are you guys ready to get your identities?"