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Nemi was going to her locker to pack up for the day and sighed. Finally, another week passed and-

"Ow…" she muttered when a girl bumped into her. Said girl looked remorseful.

"Ugh…oh, hey, um, sorry." She said, dashing to her faraway locker.

In about 5 seconds, Nemi stopped herself. That girl looked familiar. Maybe, she was in a dream? However, Nemi reminded herself, the human mind cannot make up faces, therefore it puts people that she has seen before. Although, she was sure she never saw that girl before, but Nemi was too shy to ask her. And why is she worried in the first place?

"This all makes no sense…" she said, realizing that people were staring her for standing as stiff as a statue. Nemi hurriedly packed up her stuff and went to homeroom for her bus to be called.

When she got inside the classroom and settled at her desk , the popular girl from before (she didn't even know her!) came near her. Nemi ignored her until she called her name.



"Gary likes you." She said. Said person denied it three times.



"Why would you say that to me? Is it because of how overweight I am? Am I ugly? Did I do something? God, I don't even know anymore!" Nemi shouted in a mile a minute, with everyone's eyes on her.

"I don't even know you, and I don't even get why you consider that a joke! Gary likes me? No. No. No one would ever like me! I'm a weird, yet very talented person, but I have to show that in order to get respect! I just…" She plopped into her seat when she realized no one was listening.

"I just want to be accepted by the people around me…"

"Hey, listen. You're crazy and obviously need help." Nemi looked up angry, which made that popular girl enjoy saying it more.

"So go to the-"

"Hey, that's enough!" Mr. Garell said, coming into the classroom.

Everyone quieted down.

"I know it's Friday, and it's okay to talk, but keep it down, okay?" He asked. The class agreed and talked quietly, like he had asked.

Except for Nemi, who had left tears on the desk when she left.


Tabitha was humming "Draw A Circle, That's The Earth" on her way home until…

"Hey, Pika-Girl!" called a familiar voice behind her. She frowned at the name and found out who it was behind her. Derrick. With two girls, Erica (who was her slacking, texting science partner) and another girl she didn't know.

Tabitha just sighed.


"I heard you're going to read at the dance again. What book is it time-"

"Hey, Derrick, um, maybe we should get going…remember what I promised you?" Erica asked.

Derrick smirked. "Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Let's go, I'm wasting my time anyways."

They walked away.

"A promise…who would make a steady promise with that guy anyways?"

To Tabitha, Derrick was just an annoying person who just didn't know when to stop. Pika-girl? She just simply like to her favorite Pikachu hoodie. That's all. There was seriously no need to make a big deal out of it.

"Nevermind Derrick…but there is something I can't understand…"she said to herself.

'That girl I bumped into in the hallway looked remarkably familiar, and it didn't make any sense for me to feel that way. Besides, I've never even talked to her before…and her eyes…her eyes were so icy cold!'

After looking at the time from her phone, she speed-walked home.

"I really over-think things too much!"


Elena looked at Erica. What promis-

She stopped at a house that was unfamiliar to her. Elena looked at Erica. She seemed somewhat content, along with Derrick.

"Let's go in, Erica. Say goodbye to Elena."

"Okay…Elena, Derrick and I have to do a project. That okay?" Erica winked at her. Elena jumped in place, with a slight 'o' forming on her lips.

'Now I get it! Erica has a crush on…Derrick…'

Elena cleared her throat. "Um, okay! Bye!"
On her way home, Elena couldn't help but wonder why the person Erica thought was for her was Derrick. A couple weeks ago, she had said Derrick was a jerk!

Maybe she changed her mind? Erica wasn't stubborn, and she often changed her mind a lot of times. It just didn't make any sense-


A small, tiny brooch from the sky fell upon her head. Elena took it off and observed it.

"What. The. Hell." She managed to get out. It was in the shape of a circle, with a green gem in the center. The edge of the gem was surrounded with thick gold. Inside the gem spelled out 'ZODIAC', which Elena knew were astrological signs.

"Zodiac…?" she asked, but then suddenly stopped as a green zortex sucked her in another world.


Aaron was puzzled. He just picked a gem and read its label; 'ZODIAC' out loud and it took him into a place that looked like a neon aquarium, with fishes swimming freely.

"Hey!" a girl called out, making him do a very (un) manly shriek.

"Ahem…yes?" he asked. The girl walked closer to him.

"Do you know what this place…have I seen you before?"

"I don't know…why?"

"I think…I saw you at school!"

He shrugged and looked around. It looked like a fantasy dream-that's it! It was a dream!

"Now…how do people wake up from dreams…hey, you! What's your name?!"


"Elena, slap me five times on the cheek as hard as you can!"



"I think it's work-"


"Okay, I thin-"


"You can st-"


"HOLD IT!" Aaron grabbed her wrist in the air.

"What?" she asked.

"I'm still awake and not in bed, so this must be real."

They looked around the room for a while to make more observations. It seemed somewhat futuristic, as if they had traveled forward in time, and the fishes looked like new species.

Aaron sighed. "Well, I guess we're stuck her-"

"What. Is this place?" A man asked. He looked around in a circle more than three times.

"Dude, are you playing 'Ring Aroung the Rosey' by yourself?" Aaron joked.

"I am just making quick observations as we speak. And my name is 'Howard', not 'dude.'"


Another person fell on the floor and curled up into a ball. She had tears falling out of her eyes.

"Oh god, that hurt…" she mumbled. Elena went near her.

"H-hey, you alive?" she asked.

The girl nodded and sat up. She looked around.

"What is this place?"

Elena shrugged. "That's what we're trying to find out."

"What's your name?" Aaron asked.


"WWWHHOOOAAAA!" Another girl dropped on the floor in a fast pace. She cringed once she hit the floor.

"Ugh…oh…oh my…back!" Aaron helped her up.

"Hey, you okay?"


"What's your name?" Nemi asked.


Seeming to forget the thought, Nemi's eyes brightened.

"This reminds me of a fanfic!"

"Isn't that when people do dirty stuff to each other?" Elena asked.

"No, that's doujin. And in the fanfic, they have to go in a yellow sub!"

"What do they do?" Aaron asked.

"I have to wait a chapter! I hate cliffhangers…" she muttered.

And in the next 10 minutes, 7 more people dropped on the floor like flies, however they had no idea how they got there. Aaron suddenly got an idea.

"Everyone, I think I have an idea. We will sit down and create a circle. We then introduce ourselves and say two things we like to do."

"Seems good." Marcus said.

For the next 20 minutes, they shared their names, what they liked, some ethnics, and laughs. It seemed like they all somehow had a connection even though they were all different. However, they did worry how they got there and how they would get back.

"You know," Anna started. "we can't stay here forever. How will we get back?"

"Maybe that gem I picked up will help?" Ryianne asked.

"Yeah…I got one too." Gary said. Aaron looked around.

"Did all of us get one?" he asked. They all nodded.

"It reads…'ZODIAC.'" Emma said.

"Well, let's all be corny and put them in the air," Aaron said, with them obeying. Their gems glowed in response, until a door open with a tall man standing until a door open with a tall man standing in front of it showed up.

"I've been waiting so long...for the ZODIAC."

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