My friends are so weird.

"Ok guys, I have something to tell you," I said to Nick and Sean once I sat down.

"Oh my gosh, your not pregnant are you?" Nick shouted exasperatedly to the whole cafeteria.

"NO! How can you even think that?"

"Well there was that guy you met over winter breakā€¦"

"I met him, nothing else happened" I slammed my lunch down on the table.

"Okay okay, I understand, I guess" she said.

"Elli just tell us please. I wanna know, unlike Nick," Sean spoke for the first time at lunch.

"Well, there's this guy moving into my room" I said slowly. They just looked at me with wide eyes. I sighed, "He's my fourth cousin, twice removed, on my stepdads side."

"Oh, I sort of get it now" Nick was thinking hard, "Wait why are you in the same room?"

"Nick," I grab her shoulders, "I moved rooms, I told you that last week"

"Oh yeah, now I remember," Nick said, though she didn't, "Ok when's he comin'?"

"Well he's sort of coming to school tomorrow" I said very slowly, so Nick will understand.

Sean stood up,"Wait, how long have you known this Elli?"

"Bout' three weeks," I said, knowing what would happen next.

"WHAT! You've known for three weeks but you didn't tell us till the last day?" Sean screamed at the same time Nick said "What does he look like?"

"Ok I'm sorry Sean, and Nick you'll see for yourself tomorrow" I just stood up to leave "Bye Nick see you sixth period and see you tonight Sean." I walked out of the cafeteria.

January 8th

As soon as I got home I was ambushed by Damian, my fourth cousin, twice removed, on my stepdad's side. For some reason he thinks he needs to know where I am at all times, which totally isn't fair, since he is only a couple of months older than me. Instead of fighting with him, which I've done a lot of the past 3 weeks, I decided to go with the truth. ''Sheesh! I was just at Sean's! No need to call the cops!'' Okay well maybe I fought a little. But what else am I supposed to do? Just let him be like that? Well not gonna happen. The past 3 weeks have been crazy. School just started after Winter Break and Damian was still getting settled. Every time I went out, which was a lot, he would freak. My mom and stepdad were away during the last week of break, so it was just us two. Damian, being 4 months older, thought he would put on the big brother position. I am an only child. I've always liked it that way. But, now Damian is
here. He isn't really related to me at all. Only by marriage. His parents and younger sister just died in a car accident. He doesn't have any close relatives and my stepdad offered to take him in. We only met one time before he moved in, and that was at his parents' funeral. So it wasn't actually on his best day. I guess you probably think I'm selfish, being mean to someone who just lost everything. But, this is just ridiculous. First I had to switch rooms. My room was amazing, especially since the balcony looked right out to the ocean and to Nick's balcony, and now I have to move out all of the old computer stuff in the extra room and look at the only ugly thing in Miami, the abandoned house across the street. Nick and I have been best friends forever. The only major difference between us is that she likes to party, a lot. Me, not so much. I go to some, but she goes to one every night. Most nights I see her come in around 3 in the morning.
What's weird is that her parents never catch her. She doesn't do anything wrong though. Just dancing all night. Oh well, I have to go. Someone is IMing me. ~Ellie~

This is what I was writing in my journal today, when I looked at my computer. A new message popped up on the screen. Here's what it said-

"Hey Ellie. Pretty please come to a party tonight with me. Is Damian starting school tommorow? Is he cute? Do you think he would like me? OMG you don't like him do you? Cause that would be so weird, since you're living together now. Huh that's weird. Oh well. Please come!"

See what I mean? Some people would say I'm crazy for putting up with her. But, she's my best friend.

"I guess I could go to this one. But, don't expect to drag me around everywhere okay. Seeya later." I finally wrote back. She'd be happy. I've been avoiding parties ever since my last relationship ended, at a party. We had been going out for 8 months; we went to a party a couple weeks before break. Then he said we needed to talk, and he broke up with me. Later that night I saw him with Lindsey, the official IT Girl herself. She is the most popular girl in school. Nick and I are pretty popular. But, Lindsey is the queen bee. Every guy wants to be with

Nick and I like to keep it simple now. It's just us and Sean. Here's the thing with Sean. He's gay. But, besides Nick, he's my best friend. We met him in 6th grade. He had moved here from Georgia. He wasn't always gay, actually that part is recent. He started in high school.

Oh well. I should probably get ready for the party now. I'm going to wear my pink skirt with the lace top. It's my favorite outfit. I was in the process of changing when Damian yelled my name. As I went downstairs I heard the song "Good Morning Baltimore" from Hairspray coming from the TV. Damian was freaking out about something. That's not unusual.

As was my reaction, "What now?"

"That friend of yours just fell off her balcony. Should I call 911? I don't think she got up. Should we go help her?"

Chill, freak. She's just sneaking out so she can go to the party tonight. This happens almost every night. Oh look there she is now. Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

I wanted so much for him to just let me go without asking any questions. But, I guess it doesn't matter what I want.

"Wait, what? You're going to the party with her?" Seriously does he think I'm an unsocial freak? Well, I'm not.

"Well duh I'm going. See you later. Bye."

"Ellie, wait." I turned back to him. By then Nick was at the door, and I was avoiding Damian and Nick meeting, for well, reasons. So I quickly said,

"Sorry, Damian. I have to go. I'll be back by one." I rushed out the door before Nick could spot Damian. I felt like my whole world came tumbling down when Damian came to Miami. Now, I'm actually starting to get used to him, a little. I just have to explain to Nick why I don't like him. Nick will like him I'm sure of that.

That's because Damian is completely gorgeous.